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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1988 Comedy movie starring Leslie Nielsen, O.J. Simpson, Priscilla Presley et al.
Contributed by: C.T. Warren
As hilarious as the three movies were, most who were involved are sure that if a fourth film hasn't been proposed by now, it never will. Nielsen has said he wouldn't mind playing Frank Drebin again at all, but the notoriety of O.J. Simpson has most likely put the kibosh on a revival ever happening!
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'Weird Al' Yankovic appears in all 3 movies??
Contributed by: Akira
Vincent Ludwig's (Ricaardo Montalban) secretary is none other than the director's Mother..! She's in most of the Zucker movies.
Contributed by: Alan Freed
During the first couple minutes of the movie, O.J. Simpson is sneaking around on a dock with a highly sensitive microphone to hear conversations on the "I Love You" ship. At one point, Simpson stops beside an electrical box with the name "Al Larson" stenciled on it. Dr. Al Larson was a college professor at Clarion University of Pennsylvania (now retired). One of his students had placed the prof's name there to honor him. Dr. Larson was one of my professors during the time the movie came out.
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