The Naked Gun

I'm sure we can discuss these movies just like the responsible adults that we are. Isn't that right, Mr. poopy pants?! These movies are a "quote a minute", hysterical satire on life as an LA police officer.

Originally a short lived TV series (Police squad), The Zucker's did for the police world what they did with airports in the movie Airplane. These movies have it all: good writing, great acting, biting comedy and of course, Leslie Nielsen.

It's the over the top things and the subtle things that make these movies so great. In every scene, look around the room and you'll see dinosaur shadows, crazy street signs and other things that add to the brilliance of the films.


I know giving it a 9.5 is bold but this author thinks these are the funniest movies, bar none.

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Strengths: The dialog and crazy situations make this a one of the best comedies ever.

Weaknesses? The only bad things about these movies is that there are only 3 of them!

Our rating: 9.5 out of 10

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The Naked Gun