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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1988 Comedy movie starring Leslie Nielsen, O.J. Simpson, Priscilla Presley More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Cass Martin

The Naked Gun Filming Locations:

In the scene when Frank says "everywhere I look something reminds me of her," then they show two huge buildings that have the shape of breasts. That is actually in an area close to San Diego, not near Los Angeles. When I was on vacation in Cali when I was 12, I was sleeping in the back of the car. I happened to wake up right as we were passing by that and thought to myself 'holy sh*t it's Drebin's wife's breasts!' [Thanks to boy-z]

The two 'breasts' on the freeway for Naked Gun can definitely be seen taking the 5 South from LA to San Diego to be more specific. [Thanks to Dominic Pace]

The "ex-wife rememberance" is at the nuclear power plant in San Onofre, California (just south of San Clemente... 30-45 minutes north of San Diego, 1 hour or so south of Los Angeles) and here's something else that's crazy, The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) which reminded Frank Drebin of his wife's breasts happens to be a stone's throw from a nude beach! Here's the link I met two men who work at the power plant and they were amused when I pointed out the irony that there is a structure that resembles a woman's breasts so close to a nude beach. [Thanks to "mountain Mike" Johansen]

Although the then-California Angels are the host team, the stadium used in the film is actually Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The Angels play at Edison Field in Anaheim (then it was simply Anaheim Stadium or the big "A"). [Thanks to Raj Mehta]

The fishing boat "S.S. I Love You" in the Naked Gun film that O.J. Simpson's character was thrown from is really the fishing vessel "Southern Queen" owned by Louis F. Mascola of San Pedro, CA. The vessel was docked at the wharf in San Pedro, CA for the filming.

At the beginning of the baseball game scene, there is a brief shot of the stadium from the left field seats looking toward home plate. It only lasts about three or four seconds, but you will notice the press boxes hanging down from the upper deck rafters and the brick wall running along the playing surface. It's a shot taken at Wrigley Field in Chicago. [Thanks to Ken]

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