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Film facts for the 1987 Horror / Occult movie starring Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Stephen Macht More Cast

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Thanks to Josh
Recently, Duncan Regehr, the notorious Dracula character, sold off most of his costume pieces used in the film for very low prices. One item even included his devious black cape!! Currently, Regehr resides as an artist and does acting on television from time to time.
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Director Fred Dekker also came up with the story behind the 1985 horror comedy 'House' starring William Katt.
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The Actor, Jack Gwillim, who played Van Helsing also played Posideon ("Release the Kraken!") in Clash of the Titans. (sidenote: He was a relative of mine). He had other large roles in Patton, Blind Date, Jason and the Argonauts and minor roles in Thunderball, Lawerance of Arabia, Battle of Britian, among many others. Anyway, the interesting thing about him and part of the reason he usually played either Military Officers or ecentric characters like Van Helsing and Posideon, was that he joined the Royal Navy at the age of 17, became a Commander in the Royal Navy for twenty years (served in WWII) before he became an actor and was a member of the Royal Shakespeare company in Stratford, England for three years during Sir 'Anthony Quayle's stint as artistic director, he was then a member of the Old Vic Company for a further 3 years. His best work was on stage and his daughter is currently the Head of Drama at the University of Michigan.
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Co-writer Shane Black is the writer of the "Lethal Weapon" series.
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Ryan Lambert, "Rudy," previously of 'Kids Incorporated' fame is now the vocal and guitarist frontman for the California rock band, 'Elephone'. Also, he was childhood friends with fellow 80s teen actor, Scott Grimes.
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There used to be (probably circa 2002) a hardcore/metal group from Long Island who loved the movie so much they named their band Scary German Guy, I have pins and a cd cover to prove it.
Thanks to Adam
Monster Squad director Fred Dekker went on to make such films as "Robocop 3", "Night of the Creeps" and is a creative consultant on the Star Trek series "Enterprise".
Thanks to Scott
Jonathan Gries (The Wolfman) portrays a classic closet case in the 1985 Film "Real Genius". He plays the role of Lazlo Hollyfeld, a genius whom lives in the closet and beneath the dorm room of Val Kilmer in the film.
Thanks to Adam
Actor Jonathan Gries, who played the 'Desperate Man' went on to appear in the movies "Fright Night 2", "Men in Black" and was also a regular on the television series "The Pretender".
Thanks to Hollis
Ryan Lambert (who played 'Rudy') was a regular on the 80's hit Music show 'Kids Incorporated'.
Thanks to Adam
Lisa Fuller, who played Patrick's sister, also starred as a teenage zombie in the movie "Night Life".
Thanks to Jamie
Lisa Fuller also starred in "Teen Witch" as the popular school girl that was dating the guy who the Teen Witch had a crush on.
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If you watch in slow motion the scene where Rudy and Patrick ask Patrick's sister if she is a virgin, the picture that Rudy flashes in order to bribe Patrick's sister is not a nude picture of her, but is of a blonde girl in a black shirt standing on the grass.
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Brent Chalem, the actor who played Horace AKA "Fat Kid" tragically died from pneumonia at the age of just 21.
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Also in Monster Squad is Michael Faustino. He is the younger brother of David Faustino who played 'Bud' on 'Married With Children'. Adam Carl and Jason Hervey were in Monster Squad too. Adam played Mason, Alyssa Milano's friend in 'Who's The Boss'. Adam still acts and recently was in 'CSI Miami'. Jason played the older brother Wayne in 'The Wonder Years'. Adam, Jason, Alyssa Milano, Scott Grimes and Rahsaan Patterson who was "Kid" (from Ryan's Kids,Inc days) are Ryan Lambert's best friends.
Thanks to Tyler Glimstad
The actor Jonathan Gries is also Uncle Rico in 'Napoleon Dynamite'.
Thanks to Karen
At the end of the movie, where the police come to stop Dracula and the Scary German Guy gets Phoebe to read from Van Helsing's Diary, there are flashes on homes in the background. One of the homes is the Seaver house from the series 'Growing Pains'.
Thanks to Phantom Planet
Lethal Weapon writer and Monster Squad co-writer Shane Black starred as ill-fated marine 'Hawkins' in John McTiernan's sci-fi/action blockbuster Predator. He also co-wrote the screenplay for the Bruce Willis actioner The Last Boyscout.
Thanks to J. Beswick
Leonardo Cimino, who played Scary German guy, also appeared in '80s Sci-fi series "V"
Thanks to Sarah Blackwell
Stephen Macht, who plays Sean and Phoebe's dad, is the real life father of Gabriel Macht who starred in "Because I said so" with Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton.
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A reunion screening of 'The Monster Squad' was held (Feb. 07) at The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. It was the first time the film had been screened in an actual movie theater in almost 20 years. In attendance were director Fred Dekker and stars Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert and Ashley Bank. The actor interviews and other segments that were filmed on the day of the screening appear in the special features section of the new 'Monster Squad' 20th Anniversary DVD by Lionsgate home video which was released on 24th July 2007.
Thanks to Max Jansson
Not only did Jon Gries play the wolfman in The Monster Squad, he also played the wolfman in Fright Night Part II.
Thanks to Wendy Eskew
Robby Kiger (Patrick) was Job on the original Children of the Corn. He also co-starred on Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael with Winona Ryder.

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There's often fake stuff floating round, y'know? -Like the 'ghost boy' that can allegedly be seen in "Three Men And A Baby".

But, nothing bogus that we know yet for "The Monster Squad".
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