The Monster Squad Soundtrack

The Monster Squad Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

The Monster Squad featured the following songs:

Artists are linked if they appear in other featured movies.


Michael Sembello, the writer of the classic song "Maniac" for the soundtrack of "Flashdance" also wrote and performed the unreleased song "Rock Until You Drop". It was played in the scenes where the gang is getting everything set up to do battle with the monsters. [Thanks to Denise Marchand]Update Us

Song Trivia

Thanks to Crieff Anderson
On his album RADIO PET FENCING, MC Lars Horris samples The Monster Squad at the beginning of the first song, 'Hey's that's me'. It involves EJ and Horace at Burger king ("Hey fat kid, good job!" "My name... is Horace!") and the word Horace is sampled all through the song.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Bruce Broughton

The Monster Squad featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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Bruce Broughton's accomplished score was thankfully finally released as a limited edition of just 3,000 copies in 2008.

In the recent book 'The Score' by Michael Schelle, Broughton describes how he orchestrated the music so that it was like a glue to hold together scenes where start and end points were esentially cul-de-sacs.Update Us

Score Trivia

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