Teen Witch


The film was intended as a female version of Teen Wolf and even went so far as to borrow the design for the lettering, the tagline, and the shell of the plot outline.

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Louise Miller (Robyn Lively) is a geek. In love with High School football jock Brad Power (Dan Gauthier), she wishes only to be popular enough to attract his attention. After a mysterious encounter with Madame Serena (Zelda Rubinstein), she learns that she's in fact a Teen Witch and has untapped powers. Initially she uses them to get back at her mercilessly cruel English teacher, her gross brother Richie (Joshua John Miller) and the girls who tease her, but as her powers progress, things get more and more out of control.

She uses a Popularity Spell to win Brad's heart, and to the track 'Popular Girl' - perhaps the single most 80's montage in the history of the decade, we see the whole school feverishly tapped into 'Louise Mania'.

Doubting Brad's true feelings beyond the charm of the spell, she goes to the High School Dance to find if he loves the real Louise Miller.


Prime & tender 80's sirloin. Teen Witch is one of those unexplainable 80's outings that just works. Barely a conceivable plot point to be found, but dive in and you won't be disappointed. It's films like this where you can witness that famous 80's vision of American High Schools. Musical numbers erupting in unison in the girls locker-room, horrendously dressed 'Dudes' rapping in the corridors, all manner of eyeshadow and colour clashes make this a firm favourite in the hearts of millions. Cringeworthy but wonderful!

Alongside the sizzling pop soundtrack, I cannot fail to mention the terrific comedic performance from Joshua John Miller as Richie who repeatedly scores with terrific lines like:

'You think you're hot stuff 'cos you went to a dance..? Dream On! Nobody wants to date you because you're a dog!! A DOGG!!!! (Richie to his sister)

- a deep Jacuzzi bubbling with 80's culture. Come on in, the water's fine!

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Strengths: Great 80's nostalgia.

Weaknesses? Not the strongest example of the genre.

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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Teen Witch