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The soundtrack to Teen Witch was previously never released, which was a catastrophic disappointment considering that it was one of the primary reasons the film worked.

However, it was rumored that the tracks had been re-recorded --originally for release in late summer '05. It didn't happen and probably was just a cruel hoax.

Tracks like 'Popular Girl' 'Never Gonna be the Same Again' and 'Finest Hour' took this picture from being a carbon copy of Teen Wolf and gave it a distinct 80's identity which has fizzled about in the minds of grown up adolescents ever since. We're so pleased that everyone is now going to have the opportunity to savour this true classic!

The following song tracks were featured in Teen Witch:

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All Washed Up  -  Larry WeirDream Lover  -  Cathy carFinest hour  -  Cindy Valentine feat. Larry WeirGet Up And Move  -  Cathy CarHigh School Blues  -  The Puppy BoysI Keep On Falling  -  Blue FutureI Like Boys  -  Elizabeth and The WeirzNever Gonna Be The Same Again (opening sequence)  -  Lori RusoNever Gonna Be The Same Again (Concert Version)  -  Cindy ValentinePopular Girl  -  Theresa & the WeirzShame  -  The WeirzTop That  -  The Michael Terry Rappers
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Song Trivia The original opening sequence music "Never Gonna Be the Same Again" by Lori Ruso was released on her debut album "Show Off". -Thanks to lyonluv

A soundtrack album was released in 2007, most of the original tracks with a couple of bonus tracks.

"Teen Witch the Musical" was recorded with new musicians and vocalists, Larry and Tom Weir could have recruited their family band (The Weirz) for the reproduction, but the goal was to take the offering to the stage and hopefully Broadway. The vocalists on this album were selected for their singing and acting capability for this reason.

IMHO it is a very good and faithful reproduction. Use our buying guide to buy on CD or download.

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Teen Witch Picture
Date from Hell...
Score Music Composer(s): Richard Elliot

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The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Teen Witch:

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In Your Arms
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