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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1989 Romantic Comedy movie starring Robyn Lively, Zelda Rubinstein, Dan Gauthier et al.
Contributed by: P-Dub
Dick Sargent in the role of Louise's Father is wearing more makeup than her! He was also one of the husbands on the tv show "Bewitched". Guess he likes being part of the witching community in his roles!
Contributed by: Erin
Zelda Rubinstein also played the organ player at the wedding in the movie "Sixteen Candles" and the psychic in "Poltergeist."
Contributed by: lyonluv
Pop Star Shana is actually played by singer Cindy Valentine who also performs the "concert version" of the opening title track 'Never Gonna be the Same Again'.
Contributed by: Jennifer
Actor Joshua Miller is the son of playwright and actor Jason Miller (The Exorsist), brother of Jason Patrick (The Lost Boys) and grandson of Jackie Gleason.
Contributed by: Molly
Megan Gallivan and Dan Gauthier both appeared in a commercial together at the time. I think it was for some kind of breakfast bars, Kellogg's maybe.
Contributed by: J. Icenhour
Dan Gauthier (Brad) got married to Lisa Fuller (Randa) in 1990.
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Lisa Fuller (Randa) also played the character of Dawn Quartermaine on General Hospital for about a year in the 80s.
Contributed by: Kristen
Dan Gauthier played Jeff Baylor on "Melrose Place".
Contributed by: Kim
Noah Blake, who I believe plays the main "rapper" guy, is Beretta actor Robert Blake's son.
Contributed by: Liz
Dan Gauthier, who plays Brad, was in an episode of 'Friends'. He played Rachels old high school boyfriend Chip, who goes for a date with Monica.
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Robyn Lively was one of the stars of the Aaron Spelling hit show 'Savannah' which ran from 1996-1997 on the WB. Some of her co-stars included George Eads, now of CSI fame and Jamie Lunar, formerly of 'Melrose Place'.
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Robyn also starred in another less than popular TV series called "Freshmen dorm" with Matthew Fox, of 'Party of Five' and 'Casper Van Dien'. The show only aired for one month before it was cancelled.
Contributed by: Christie
Dan Gauthier was seen in "Illegal in Blue" playing a cop engaged in a sexy romance with a murder suspect. He was also in "Son-In-Law" with Pauly Shore and Carla Cugino.
Contributed by: Tamiko Schaefer
Zelda Rubinstein played Tangina Barrons in Poltergeist, seems they have her "typecast".
Contributed by: Ruth
Dan Gauthier was in an episode of "Charmed". He played the mermaid's boyfriend in the episode "A Witch's Tail" in season five.
Contributed by: Lindsey Kotarski
Dan Gauthier, Robyn Lively, Noah Blake, and Joshua John Miller all appeared on different episodes of "21 jumpstreet".
Contributed by: Adenike
Actress Robyn Lively (Louise Miller) is the sister of 'The L Word' actor Eric Lively (Mark Wayland) and 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' actress Blake Lively.
Contributed by: Samara
Robyn Lively also played in Karate Kid 3, as Daniel's girlfriend, Jessica Andrews.
Contributed by: Erin Bryant
Dan Gauthier (Brad Powell) was also in "Saved By the Bell: Hawaiian Style". He played Kelly's Grandfather's lawyer, Brian Hanson.
Contributed by: Jessie
There is a Teen Witch Musical playing on Broadway. The soundtrack for the broadway show is NOW available. check out
Contributed by: Kara Victoria
Noah Blake's father is Robert Blake, who won a 1975 Emmy for Baretta (1975), he was tried for the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley. He was acquitted on 16th March 2005 but a jury in a civil suit brought on behalf of her children eight months later, found Blake liable for the murder and ordered him to pay over $30 million in damages.
Contributed by: Stephanie
The film has 2 taglines: "To her, trouble comes super-naturally" and "Fall under her spell".
Contributed by: Stephanie
Robyn Lively made guest appearances on TV shows, such as Knight Rider, Punky Brewster, 21 Jump Street, Twin Peaks, and Doogie Howser, M.D.
Contributed by: Stephanie
Before Teen Witch, Caren Kaye (Margaret Miller) played the French tutor in the film My Tutor and made guest appearances on TV shows, such as Alice, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Fantasy Island, Taxi, Remington Steele, and Mr. Belvedere.
Contributed by: meg
Mandy Inger, who plays Polly the geeky best friend, is now one of the top Yoga/Spinning instructors in LA. Some of her clientele include: Jennifer Aniston (Mandy is responsible for Jennifer's fit body!), Ricki Lake, Joely Fischer, and Helen Hunt among others.
Contributed by: Matilde
Dan Gauthier (Brad) later played Kevin Buchanan on 'One Life To Live' from 2003-2007. His character (Kevin Buchanan) was brought onto to 'All My Children' for 12 episodes through the 2004-2005 season.
Contributed by: D. Young
A young Cary Elwes plays a frog/love interest to Zelda Rubenstein. His only lines in the movie are "ribbit, ribbit."
Contributed by: Pocahontas
Joshua John Miller is in Meet The Hollowheads. It is about a strange & cool futuristic family. Juliette Lewis plays his sister.
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