Night of the Creeps


All the main characters are named after horror film directors.

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Do you enjoy a good Comic Horror film? If so, jump on this wagon because Night of the Creeps is one of the better ones. Just sit back and you will see what I am talking about. This movie is from the director of Monster Squad and as in that movie, this one has an old 50's way about it and Dekker shows great skill in this art.

Scene one... An alien spacecraft. An experiment has gone horribly wrong and now two aliens must fight to try to save the universe (and our planet) from some parasitic brain incubating space slugs. Will they save the day, of course not. We wouldn't have a film otherwise.

Scene two... 1959 Sorority Row...Pam has just broken up with her cop boyfriend Ray. Now she needs a little excitement. Enter Johnny, your average everyday jock and watch the sparks fly.

Now the only problems are that an axe-murdering psycho has just escaped and Johnny wants to investigate a comet that has just landed near the road where the psycho is headed. Like any classic horror film Johnny finds the alien slugs and of course Pam finds out why it is not good to be left alone with an axe-murdering psycho.

Now for the real movie, fast forward to pledge week 1986. Our main characters are Chris and his buddy J.C. Chris has just found the perfect girl, but to get Cindy he thinks that he must join a fraternity. With J.C. as a tag along. As Pledges Chris and J.C. must do something bad, real bad...

What's so bad do you say? Well they have to steal a body and they find the perfect one. Johnny, the guy from scene two, cryogenically frozen in '59. Now the slugs and their Zombie hosts come into play...Will Chris and J.C. make it through the night? Will Chris get Cindy? Or will Chris and J.C. become just another host for the alien slugs and of course the perfect Date for the Dance.

Only you can find out... and remember, If you scream... You die!


Dekker is an excellent director and writer. He wrote the screenplay for the movie House. He directed Monster Squad and Robocop 3 and he wrote and directed this movie. He is, in my view, a master at making a movie feel like a classic horror film. He has a great wit about him and that can be seen in the lines from Night of the Creeps. It would have been nice if he continued to do this genre of movies. Who knows how big he would be today?

As for Night of the Creeps, I can watch it over and over again. It stays together well even though it is a collage of Sci-fi and Horror films...

My hat's off to Dekker for this superb film.

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Strengths: Strong actors. Good plot... all the makings of a classic.

Weaknesses? Where did the aliens go... that is my only question.

Our rating: 9.5 out of 10

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Night of the Creeps