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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Horror / Occult movie starring Jason Lively, Jill Whitlow, Steve Marshall et al.
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Cindy puts the phone to her ear twice when she is called by Brad her jocky x-boyfriend.
Contributed by: pork pie mcfly
There is a scene at the beginning of the movie, where the two main leads are walking near a frat house having a party. The shot with the error starts on the frat house banner, then pans down and across to the female lead (Jill Whitlow), stopping with her in the centre of the screen. If you look you can see that her legs are transparent.
Contributed by: pork pie mcfly
when Chris and Cynthia are hiding in the little shed from the zombies, there is a scene were a zombie grabs Cynthia and pulls her outside of the shed. As she is being pulled out she reaches out to Chris and screams "Brad, Brad" a few times. Brad was her boyfriend whom was killed a few scenes earlier, but she was with Chris so why would she be screaming for Brad? She should be screaming for Chris.
Night of the Creeps