Night of the Creeps Soundtrack

Night of the Creeps Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Night of the Creeps featured the following songs:

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Let Go
Intimate Strangers
In the Wilderness
Intimate Strangers
Flame On
Intimate Strangers
Intimate Strangers
C-Spot Run
Blue Kiss
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As with many 80's films, until recently, no soundtrack was ever released... Thankfully, La La Land Records have recently released a very limited edition for fans... Which is great as it's rather creepy, and has some great 80's songs.

The first 4 songs by Intimate Strangers on their album "Charm" where used in the movie. [Thanks to Chad Wichterman]Update Us

Song Trivia

Thanks to Chance Wiliams
I believe that some of the music from the movie was originated by John Carpenter, the scene that I noticed is where the ax-murdering corpse is cornered in the alley-way; I could be wrong.

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