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House Trivia

AKA: Ding Dong, You're Dead
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George Wendt plays "Harold", the concerned neighbor.
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1986 Horror / Occult movie starring William Katt, George Wendt, Richard Moll et al.
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House writer Ethan Wiley went on to write and direct the sequel "House II: The Second Story".
Contributed by: Nick Napolitano
William Katt got his first movie role as Tommy Ross in the 1976 horror classic "Carrie".
Contributed by: Phantom Planet
William Katt is probably best remembered for his role as teacher turned superhero 'Ralph Hinkley' in The Greatest American Hero, an extremely popular TV series from 1981.
Contributed by: Max Gardner
Following the release for this film, there was a commercial the same year "House" came out about drinking and driving. It had the "House" creatures and the "House" itself. The message ended with everyone saying "From all of us at the House, please don't drink and drive".
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Subsequent sequels failed to include houses within the stories!
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The titles of Roger Cobb's fictional books were "Blood Dance" and "Sword of Bad".
Contributed by: James Kennedy
William Katt was a finalist for the role of Luke Skywalker. Brian DePalma and George Lucas auditioned actors for 'Carrie' and 'Star Wars' simultaneously and DePalma chose Katt for 'Carrie.' Mark Hammill, of course, was chosen by Lucas for 'Star Wars.'
Contributed by: Bill Gaydurgis
The House in "House" also appeared in the movie "Monster in the Closet." (1987), it is where the main characters in the movie live!