House Soundtrack

House Soundtrack

AKA: Ding Dong, You're Dead

Vocal Song Tracks

House featured the following songs:

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The songs in this film are cover versions and not that of the original artists. [Thanks to chadergeist]Update Us

Song Trivia

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The line, "This house knows everything about you... leave while you can!", opens the 12" extended version of "Something In My House" by British group Dead Or Alive. It was released in 1985 and reached number 12 in the UK charts, number 58 in the US.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Harry Manfredini

House featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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The soundtrack was released on the hugely collectable Varese Sarabande label and is now a sought after CD by collectors. Harry Manfredini's chilling cello opening is a classic in the horror world.

By the way, Manfredini composed the score but that is Roberly Barnhart, a contract player, performing that opening sequence! Roberly or "Robe" as he is known, a long time contract cellist, also contracted players for the score for "Wishmaster." Just thought it only fair that the composer not get the credit for everything. I just talked with Robe about that performance today. He is presently living on the Central Coast in California. [Thanks to A Contract Player]Update Us

Score Trivia

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