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Film facts for the 1984 Comedy movie starring Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton More Cast

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Pete (Corey Feldman) has been in two Steven Spielberg movies, "Gremlins" and "The Goonies". In the Goonies when Chunk is talking to the police on the phone, the police say: "Just like that last prank, about all those little creatures that multiply when you throw water on them", a Gremlins reference.
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The very first page of Tokyopop's manga "Pet Shop of Horrors" (a story about a pet shop in Chinatown) makes a reference to Gremlins. Each pet sold from the shop throughout the manga has three rules with it, and the first pet sold, though we never see it, the rules say: "Don't take it into the light... Don't expose it to water... And no feeding it after midnight" This is clearly a reference to Gremlins.
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The name "The Gremlins" came from the things that wrecked airplanes in World War 2.
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There are rumors that the toy 'Furby' was based on the 'Gremlins' and the movie executives took the toy company to court for it.
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When the movie came out in theatres here, there were two scenes at the gas station, but the video release only had one. The one that is still in the movie is when Billy's father gives the gas station attendent the smokless ashtray, but the other, even though it is mentioned at the end of the movie, was cut out. It was when the old Chinaman goes to the gas station, I think to find out where he is going, he meets the attendent who tries to sell him the smokeless ashtray. The scene was really funny because the smokeless ashtray smoked like a freight train.
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There is another missing scene that is present in some version shown on TV. During the Gremlins' rampage throughout Kingston Falls, Billy, Kate, and Gizmo hide out in the bank where they work. For some reason they open the safe, where they find Gerald (Judge Reinhold) hiding behind protective bars. Gerald informs the trio that "they got Mr. Corbin" (the bank Vice President), and proudly boasts that he's now the new Vice President. When Billy offers to let Gerald out of the safe, Gerald believes that Billy just wants the now vaccant Junior Vice President job and as he goes rambling on Billy and Kate humorously close the safe back up again, believing he'll be safer in there.
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There is a cut scene from the movie in which a group of carol singers become confused at the sound of a gremlin joining in, with his head sticking out of the snow.
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The movies advertised as playing at the Kingston Falls cinema are 'A Boy's Life' and 'Watch the Skies'. These are references to producer Steven Spielberg as they were the working titles of his previous movies 'ET' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' respectively.
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Howie Mandel (Gizmo) is also the voice of Bobby from Bobby's world and Skeeter from Muppet babies. All three are the exact voice as said by Howie himself "the beauty of it, one voice, 3 jobs"
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The voice for the Gremlin known as 'Stripe' was Frank Welker, who also voiced for the leader Gremlin in "Gremlins 2" and for Fred and Scooby in the original Scooby-Doo cartoon. Frank was also the original voice for the character 'Megatron' in the popular 80's cartoon series 'Transformers' and also "Transformers: The Movie".
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Among others, the voices of the Gremlins were done by Michael Winslow. The "sound effects" guy in Police Academy, also featured in Mel Brook's Spaceballs.
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There is one gremlin unaccounted for... The first gremlin billy encounters, the one in the school. This is the one that cuts his hand as he reaches for the phone in class after seeing the teacher dead / unconscious. It escapes and is not seen or heard from again. Out of the 5 mogwai offspring from gizmo, 4 are killed by Billy's mom, and stripe jumps in the pool to create the gremlin army. I suppose we have to prosume that the school gremlin was in the movie theatre watching snow white?
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Billy's dad informs him of the rules for the Mogwai. One is not to get him wet. "Specifically... Don't give him any water to drink and whatever you do, don't give him a bath." Yet, the gremlins don't seem to multiply when they're out walking in the snow or drinking beers at the bar etc... Maybe the the water temperature has to be just right and the state of matter must be liquid? And the beer is fine because they only multiply with plain water!
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80’s pin-up Phoebe Cates also starred in 80’s classic’s ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’, ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ and ‘Shag’. She also steamed up TV screens in ‘Lace’ & ‘Lace 2’. She is now married to Oscar-winner Kevin Kline.
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Watch for Steven Spielberg driving across the screen in a little go-cart while Rand (Hoyt Axton) is calling home from the Inventor's Convention!
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As well as Steven Spielberg, there are 2 more 'appearances', Chuck Jones and Jerry Goldsmith. Chuck Jones is in the the bar scene where Billy shows 'Mr Jones' his drawings. Jerry Goldsmith appears in the convention scene, using one of the phone booths.
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At one point, a character is in the basement. In one shot you see, between the drier and washer, HG Well's time machine -from his book. We cut away, then back again, and it's gone. A reference no doubt added by Joe Dante.
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In the scene where the evil gremlins are wrecking the bar, one of the gremlins is breakdancing!
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"Round Trip to Heaven" in 1992 also starred Zach Galligan and Corey Feldman together. In this movie Corey acts like the boss to Zach as in "Gremlins" Zach was to Corey.
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When Dad Peltzer is calling home from the convention, the robot from Forbidden Planet is on the other phone. His lines are the exact same lines he used in the Forbidden Planet movie. ("I rarely use it myself, sir. It promotes rust.")
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In the scene where Billy walks into the kitchen and askes his mom if she needs any help, he notices that she is upset and she tells him that "it's a sad movie" (referring to the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" she's watching on a small T.V.) It should be noted that she has chopped a mountain of onions on her cutting board!
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At the very end, in the department store, the evil gremlin with the white mohawk hides behind an ET doll.
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The evil gremlins (and Gizmo) love "Snow White" (Disney-Spielberg connection?) and one of them wears Mickey Mouse ears in the theater.
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Stripe calls Gizmo "caca". However, "caca" is Spanish for "poop".
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In the scene where Billy shows the newly-spawned batch of Mogwai to his father, the new Mogwai are playing with a vintage tabletop Donkey Kong game (a toy released to cash in on the then-rampant popularity of the Donkey Kong arcade game). You know you're watching a piece of 80's pop culture when Donkey Kong shows up.
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Gremlins alongside "Poltergeist and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" are the reasons why PG-13 was invented. The violence was too much for a PG rating but not enough for an R rating.

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