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At the beginning of the movie, the shop in Chinatown (where they go down the stairs) was shot on the Warner Bros backlot - the same street has been used for many movies such as Spiderman.

Mrs. Deagle's house is also located on the WB backlot in an area referred to as MidWest. Her house is also known as the Seavers house from the TV show Growing Pains. [Thanks to Julie]

Apart from that, Gremlins was almost entirely shot on Universal Studios' Backlot.

The "town" used is actually the same town in "Back to the Future" on the Universal Studios backlot. For instance, you can see the movie theatre at the end of the street.

The bank where the main character works is the aerobics class in 1985 from Back to the Future and in 1955 it's the coffee shop when Marty first goes back in time. The neighborhood the main family lives is called "colonial street" also in the backlot of universal. [Thanks to Mike Flores]

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