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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Sci-Fi movie starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver et al.
Contributed by: Sabermane
The original idea for Ghostbusters (as Aykroyd first had it) was that the boys were going to actually be time-travellers, moving back and forth through time to stop gigantic monsters and ghosts --think a full movie of "Stay-Puft" level spooks. It was turned down because the costs were extremely prohibitive.
Contributed by: Gem
There are subtle hints to the Marshmallow Man finale throughout the film - when Dana is unpacking her groceries before the eggs start to bubble on the counter, she unpacks a large bag of Stay Puft Marshmallows. Later in the film, there is a large poster advertising Stay Puft Marshmallows on the side of a building.
Contributed by: Davey
The voice of Peter Venkman (Bill Murray's character) in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series was done by popular 80's cartoon voice-over man Lorenzo Music, who also does Garfield the cat's voice in Garfield and Friends.

Sadly, Lorenzo passed away in 2000, but everyone knows who took over voicing Garfield in the recent live-action film...yup, Bill Murray! The strange 80's voice-over circle is complete.
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The "dream sequence", in which Ray makes out with a ghost, is actually part of a much longer scene that was cut from the film. Ray and Winston travel to Fort Detmerring to take care of their ghost problem. Upon arriving, they converse with a park ranger, who tells them of the situation. Ray and Winston split up and explore the fort. Ray winds up in the Single Officers' Quarters, where he tries on one of the old uniforms. He lays down on the bed and opens his eyes to see the female ghost just inches away from his body. She unzips his pants, just as Winston approaches the room from the hallway. Winston hears sounds coming from the room and calls to Ray to ask if he's okay. Ray yells back, "Later, Man!!"
Contributed by: Ruhan
In one crowd scene right after the containment unit is shut down, there is a crowd behind some police barriers. In the crowd you can clearly see a young Ron Jeremy as an extra.
Contributed by: Andrew
Winston's resume has him listed as being a special forces operative. :)
Contributed by: Amy Green
Actress Paddi Edwards, who provides the voice for Gozer in "Ghostbusters" , also did more vocal work for another '80's film. She is the 2 eels , Flotsam and Jetsam, in the 1989 Walt Disney classic, "The Littlie Mermaid".
Contributed by: gojd
When the Ghostbusters arrive in the lobby of the hotel for there first ghost call, Bill Murray's eyes follow a woman in a fur coat. Does anyone know the story on that?
Contributed by: Holly Smith
The beautiful woman ghost in Dan Aykroyd's dream, is actually his real life wife and ex-model Donna Dixon.
Contributed by: Jamie
The original name used for the popular ghost Slimer was "Onion Head" Audiences tagged him with the name "Slimer", hence why he is credited as such in the sequel and the cartoon series based on the film.
Rewind Archive
1980's pop singer Debbie Gibson makes an appearance in the film. She's the girl with the pink bow in her hair, celebrating her birthday at the Tavern on the Green.
Contributed by: Paul Wilson
When Peter Venkman spies Dana for the first time at Ghostbusters HQ he runs to greet her personally. In his haste he jumps the gate and as he does so you can hear a click as his foot catches it. Being the professional that he is, Bill Murray doesnt even look back but carries on with the scene.
Contributed by: Rafael Orduna
During the scene in which the ghost containment unit is shut off and the ghosts escape as a pink explosion from the roof of the Ghostbusters' building, if you look to a building on the left you'll see a faded advertisement for Stay Puft Marshmallows, complete with a picture of Mr. Stay Puft, foreshadowing his arrival later in the movie.