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Go behind the scenes on the 1984 Sci-Fi movie starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver More Cast

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Pre-production was well underway before anyone realized that Filmation had produced a short lived Saturday morning children's show called "The Ghost Busters" during the 1975-76 television season. Columbia quickly entered into negotiations with Filmation to secure rights to the title. Through most of the New York location photography, Ivan Reitman and the crew were uncertain as to what their film would eventually be called. At one point, it was going to be called "Ghoststoppers," but Columbia finally struck a deal with Filmation that allowed use of the original title.
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Dan Aykroyd was heavily involved in the development of the movie from top to bottom. He originally wanted to call it "Ghost Smashers."
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Director Ivan Reitman wasn't initially convinced that actress Sigourney Weaver was right for the part of Dana/Zuul. She changed his mind by scaring him when she jumped around his office, growling, snarling, and chewing on pillows like a dog!
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The 'Ghostbusters' script was originally written with John Belushi in mind for the lead.
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The melted marshmallow is really shaving cream.
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At one point the character of Louis Tully had twin Rottweilers and a German accent. This was later changed to the character we now know and love (many would say for the better).
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The character of Louis Tully was originally to be played by John Candy.
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Dan Aykroyd originally wanted John Belushi to play Peter Venkmen, but Dan picked Bill after news of John's death.
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Dan Aykroyd conceived Slimer, the obnoxious green spirit, as a movie manifestation of John Belushi's ghost. I heard him admit this to Johnny Carson one evening on the Tonight Show.
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Sandra Bernhart was originally supposed to play Janine and Paul Reubens was supposed to play the Character "Gozer".
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Eddie Murphy was originally supposed to play the role of "Winston Zeddemore"
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The role of Winston, before Eddie Murphy was considered for the part, was to be played by Gregory Hines and he was supposed to be a security man for the company.
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One of the original concepts for the Ecto-1 was a black hearse with purple strobe light bars!
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All of the films that had Ackroyd and Chevy Chase or Bill Murray were originally written for Ackroyd and John Belushi by Ackroyd. They were close friends from Saturday Night Live days.
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An even more ferocious version of the library ghost mechanical puppet was created and rejected. However, it did appear in another classic 1980's film -- "Fright Night".
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Dan Aykroyd's original version of the script began with the Ecto-mobile flying out of the Ghostbusters headquaters, but director Ivan Reitman suggested it would be better to show how the team got started.
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The demonic voice of Dana/Gatekeeper was performed by director Ivan Reitman.

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Deleted Scenes

There are often scenes cut from the final version of a movie. Sometimes these will have been seen by preview audiences, or be included in Blu-ray or DVD extras etc.

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Yet another deleted scene (not on the DVD) has a meter maid putting a ticket on the Ectomobile, but the windshield whipers of the car keep flinging them off. No-one is inside the car either. This scene was supposed to emphasize that the vehicle had supernatural powers since it comes in contact with a lot of ghosts.

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Alternate Versions

Sometimes, there will be several versions of a movie floating about on cable, tv or video etc. Other times, a Director may release a special cut of the movie on Blu-ray or DVD.

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