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See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1984 Sci-Fi movie starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver et al.
Contributed by: Matt
When you see Mr. "Stay Puft" for the first time, you'll notice that he has a tie around his neck. But when The Ghostbusters zap him, his neck tie appears to have disappeared.
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
When Venkman was slimed he was totally covered by slime, yet later when he is talking to walter peck, he only has slime on his shoulder.

Chris wrote in to add:

The reason there is less slime on his shoulder is because the scene with walter peck is clearly long after getting slimed in the hotel! they had been catching many different ghosts by this stage - in fact in the scene before Venkman is informed of Pecks visit, the others are talking about how the containment unit is so crowded with ghosts it might blow.
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
At the begining of the movie when they are in the libary and what i think are libary cards start to fly out of the draws. If you look closely you can see the air levers pushing them out...
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
In the earthquake scene, just before the earthquake starts, Ray has no gloves on. But when he climbs out he has the gloves on?
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
When the Ghostbusters arrive at Dana's building, if you pay attention you will see the same guy in two different shots (he his the red haired happy jumping guy)
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
When Ray is telling Louis about the Tunguska blast of 1909 ..The blast actually happened in 1908.
There is a brief mistake of a pipe being shown when the earth starts to shake and the ground starts rising. One of the police cars rolls into the ground and about a few seconds later it goes back to the seen and you see a pipe holding the car.
After the "marshmellow man/zuel" defeat, theres a couple smoke projectors that can be seen spewing out smoke like crazy on top of the building when the ghostbusters are getting up and cleaning trying to find each other.
When the newspapers are being published there is a photo of them when they defeated the Marshmallow Man, however you see the newspaper long before the event has taken place.
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