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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1983 Dance / Music movie starring Jennifer Beals, Michael Nouri, Lilia Skala et al.
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Jennifer Beals was just 19 when she won the role of Alex in the movie. The role was very highly contested in Hollywood. Everyone seemed to be after it, including Demi Moore. After the movie, Jennifer attended Yale majoring in American literature.
Contributed by: Linda and Lorena
Actress Sunny Johnson, who played Jeanie, tragically died of a brain aneurysm on 06/19/84; barely a year after the films release.
Contributed by: Marina
Lee Ving, the lead singer and guitar player of the band "Fear", played the sleazy club-owner.
Contributed by: Alicia
Lee Ving also appeared in the movie "Clue", where he played Mr.Boddy.
Contributed by: Frank Cupo
Ron Karabatsos who plays Jake Mawby, owner of Mawby's Bar, is a retired New Jersey cop.
Contributed by: Paris
Jennifer Beals stars in showtime t.v series "The L'word".
Contributed by: Nat
Jennifer Beals also starred in a film in the late 1990's called 'The Devil In the Blue Dress' co-starring Denzel Washington
Contributed by: Becky Parsons
At Yale University, Jennifer Beals was in the same class as David Duchovny.
Contributed by: Alex
The men who are breakdancing by the railroad tracks are are members of the Rock Steady Crew.
Contributed by: Stephanie
Cynthia Rhodes, who played the dancer Tina Tech in "Flashdance", went on to play the part of Penny, Patrick Swayze's original dance partner (the one who almost died from the back-alley abortion) in "Dirty Dancing".
Contributed by: Pat2
The man known as "Crazy Legs" is actually called Richard Colón. He had to do the spinning on his back scene because they asked him to teach that move in only one day! He said that it wasn't possible to learn that move so quickly, so he ended up doing it himself.
Contributed by: Ellen
Virtually NONE of the dancing is done by Beals - rule of thumb: if you don't see her face, it is not her.
Contributed by: Nick Napolitano
Jennifer Lopez was actually sued by Paramount for recreating scenes from this movie without permission, so I guess she won't be in the remake after all. The movie 'Honey' looks like a remake of it anyway.
Contributed by: Melodi
Jennifer Lopez recently did a music video in which she recreates scenes from this movie. (It's also rumored that there will be a remake of Flashdance and that she'll play Alex.)
Contributed by: GoldTransAM
Cynthia Rhodes who played Tina Tech filled in as a lead singer for the pop group Animotion.
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Cynthia Rhodes gave up acting after appearing in "Curse of the Crystal Eye" (1991) and is married to singer Richard Marx, they have three children.
Contributed by: Lainy
Jennifer Beals later played alongside Sting in the 80s remake of "Bride of Frankenstein".
Contributed by: TKO
The breakdancers that perform on the street are in fact members of The Rock Steady Crew. One of them, Frosty Freeze (Wayne Frost) is seen demonstrating the ‘suicide’ flip. A move he invented and where he was most famous for. The Rock Steady Crew also performed in other hip hop related movies, such as: Style Wars, Wild Style and Beat Street. After battling a long illness Wayne Frost sadly died in New York on April 4, 2008. He was only 44 years old.
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Donald Peterman was nominated for the Oscar for Best Cinematography. So was Michael Sembello & Dennis Matkosky's song "Maniac."
Contributed by: C.T. Warren
The late great cartoonist Charles M. Schulz paid a hilarious homage to the film in 1984 with his musical special "FlashBeagle!". In it, a series of shorts feature Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang doing early 80's-style song & dance numbers, leading up to Snoopy (dressed in a torn t-shirt & headband) copying Alex's dance moves in a nightclub for the title song, to thunderous applause!
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Jennifer Beals was nominated in the Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical category. So was the film for Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical.
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Beals won the Image Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Motion Picture.
Contributed by: Jim K
Jenifer Beals writes her actual birthdate of 12/19/1963 on her application form. There are several websites that point this out, however I could not find any reference that she also lists her parents as Alfred Owens and Jeanne Therese Anderson. -Her actual parents are Alfred Beals and Jeanne Cohen.

The date of her application is January 1983. She lives on 7 Wood St in Pittsburgh, and was born in Altoona, PA (as was her father).
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Joe Eszterhas was nominated for the Razzie Award for the Worst Screenplay.
Contributed by: Stephanie
The film has 4 taglines: 1.) "What a feeling." 2.) "When the dancer becomes the dance." 3.) "Take your passion... And make it happen!" 4.) "Something happens when she hears the music... it's her freedom. It's her fire. It's her life."
Contributed by: Linda and Lorena
Liz Sagal played a dancer named Sunny in the movie. She's the twin sister of Jean Sagal and younger sister of Katey Sagal. She and Jean had a TV show in the 80's called "Double Trouble".