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Featured Movie Location: The audition place
Wanna see the real life filming location used for The audition place in the movie? These scenes were actually shot at The Carnegie Institute, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [Google Map]

Locations Manager(s): John R. Woodward

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The beginning of the movie where she is riding her bike is down James Street past Alleghaney general hospital. [Thanks to JB]

The Hall of Sculpture, located inside the Carnegie Institute at 4400 Forbes Ave - Pittsburgh (Oakland neighborhood), was used as a backdrop in the filming of this movie. Alex runs through the Hall of Sculpture near the beginning of the movie after she fails to apply for the dance competition. [Thanks to Steve]

The mystery of Alex's apartment: The address of Alex's warehouse studio is given as 7 Wood St in the movie. This is the address of Conestoga Hall of Point Park University. It does not look like anything shown in the movie. I believe the movie only shows the alley in front of Alex's apartment entrance. There is a vacant lot next to 7 Wood St that may have been the alley. However, this does not correspond to the shot across the street from Alex's alley. The alley scenes may have been shot in LA. Also, the scene of Nick Hurley following Alex home on her bike does not look like any streets in Pittsburgh near other Pittsburgh filming locations. [Thanks to Jim K]

The Exterior of "Mawby's" Bar and the nighttime bike-ride sequence were filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA

Mawby's bar was an empty store on 5th st off Los Angels Ave, downtown. They made the Bar from scratch. [Thanks to Ronald Karabatsos -who played the owner of "Mawby's in the movie!]

Hannah's House location is at 2100 Sidney St. in Pittsburgh's south side. The house is on 21st street in the South Side of Pittsburgh. It is one block from East Carson Street. This address is on the southeast corner of Sidney St and South 21st St. Hannah lived in the back portion of this address with an entrance on S. 21st St. The number on her door is 2100. This can be verified by going to maps.google.com and using "Street View" to see the number on her door. The movie gives a clear shot of the outside of her apartment building. In the movie the apartment entrance has a pediment, which has since been removed. [Thanks to Susan / Jim K]

The restaurant scene where Alex is eating lobster is often said to have been filmed inside the Grand Concourse restaurant in Station Square in Pittsburgh. This is wrong. The ceilings and decor aren't right. It was apparently filmed at swanky former celeb hangout Bistro in LA.

The incline she rides on in the first scene of the film is the Duquesne Incline (also near Station Square.) [Thanks to Susan]

I believe I know the bike route Alex Owens takes in the opening scenes of Flashdance:

-In the first scene, Alex starts at the corner of Warren Street and Catoma Street when she is petting the kitten. The first scene ends. She continues to rides down Warren St, then turns left on Henderson St. She continues on Henderson until Fountain St where she makes a left hairpin turn.

-The movie picks up on second scene where she makes the hairpin turn. In this scene you can see a red-looking house with two white-trimmed windows on the right side of the street. You can also see a modern building which is a Allegheny General Hosipital building (Synder Pavilion) to the far right in the background. The second scene ends. She then makes a right turn on Porterfield St, a left on Hemlock St, and right onto James St.

-The third scene then begins with her riding down James Street. There's a yellow truck on her left and the James Street Parking Garage of Allegheny General Hospital on her right.

-The fourth scene then begins with Alex on a bridge. This is where there is discontinuity. One of your sources (B. Bridgeman) seems to believe this is the 6th Street Bridge which is close to James St. However, this is the Smithfield Street Bridge that is on the south side of Pittsburgh. This scene is looking east into the morning sun.

-And I have never even been in Pittsburgh!... I was able to figure this out using Google maps and the James Street reference on your site from your source JB. The address of the red-looking building is 14 Fountain St according to google. It looks like its been re-sided in a lighter color, but then boarded-up since 1982.
[Thanks to Jim K for that excellent shot list!]

I understand that the steel mill that Alex works in is located in an area of Pittsburgh called the strip district and the address is 25th and Liberty. Also the factory is still there but it has been turned into loft apartments (what a coincidence) [Thanks to Jina]

Tunnel mystery: some say that the scene takes place in the Armstrong Tunnel near Duquesne University. But Sue B wrote in to say that the tunnel scene is The 2nd Street Tunnel, a widely filmed and photographed tunnel on 2nd Street under Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles, California. [Thanks to Sue B]

Ron Yochum kindly wrote in with the results of his sleuthing: The "Tunnel Mystery" is solved. I noticed it while watching the What a Feeling video the other day on YouTube at 0:30 seconds. The footage was shot in the early morning, likely before 7 am, facing east-south-east. You can see her enter from the right, and the Liberty Bridge in the distance, and a pedestrian railing. Here you can see the end of the tunnel where she rode in from, notice the railing in the video is the same as what is there today and the approach would be the same. You can see the tunnel from a Google Street View, the other side of the tunnel directly behind the pedestrian steps leading up to the bridge level here. Its hard to see the tunnel from the perspective of Google, but I instantly recognized it when I saw it because I've walked through that tunnel thousands of times. I work in the building next to the tunnel and for the company that once owned the property (Station Square). [Thanks to Ron Yochum]

HOWEVER, Bradford Thompson kindly wrote in to say that he is 100 percent certain that the above is wrong: Using the "What a Feeling Video". The vid opens facing the Liberty Bridge (facing east at sun rise). The lower railroad bridge is for "The T" - public trans. This shot is probably from what is now a Station Square parking lot. It cuts to Alex riding across the Monongahela River on the Smithfield Bridge. Camera facing west as she bikes away from downtown. Now, the tunnel...that is a walkthrough under the Smithfield bridge so you can get from the Station Square Parking Lot to the north side walkway across the bridge (the south walkway is harder to get to). So the rail you see is the stairway up to the bridge walkway. Also - that stairway is 20 ft. from the Grand Concourse Restaurant. Smithfield Street is 1 block south of Wood Street. I park in that lot and walk that path every day. See, I work at Point Park University in a building across from 7 Wood Street. Cool, huh? The incline which connects to Station Square is not the Duquesne, it's the Monongahela. [Thanks to Bradford Thompson]

The steel mill scene was shot at the "Homestead Works" mill (US Steel)

The bridge shot is the 6th street bridge connecting downtown with the North Side. [Thanks to B. Bridgeman]

The dancing traffic cop (see trivia section for more) was stationed (possibly for his entire career) at the corner of Wood & Liberty. Until shortly after the film's release, the area was locally renowned for its department store's window displays, particularly during the holiday season. Sadly, displays are long out of use, and the stores are no longer open at night. [Thanks to C.T. Warren]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (or any other) filming locations used for Flashdance? [Please send them in]

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