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The always hilarious Rodney Dangerfield
Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1980 Comedy movie starring Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray et al.
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The gopher in the movie was actually a stuffed animal, but it got credit in the movie billed under the name Chuck Rodent.
Contributed by: LoverswithCassie
Co-scripter Brian Doyle-Murray turns up as Lou Loomis while co-scripter/producer Douglas Kenney has an uncredited role as Al Czervik's dinner guest.
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The movie grossed $39.8 million at the box office.
Contributed by: pirate864
Don't know if many people have noticed but when D'annunzio comes back to the shack after caddying for the old couple someone says in the background: "What, did they die on ya Tony?"
Contributed by: pirate864
Michael O'Keefe and Bill Murray were actually good mates in real life. Bill Murray even convinced O'Keefe to try out for the role of D'Annunzio but the director and producer felt that he was more suited to the role of Danny Noonan, so he got the part.
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According to Scott Colomby on the DVD extras, he only took up smoking after playing the part of cigarette-puffing Tony.
Contributed by: pirate864
If you look in the background after Schmails throws his golf club towards the clubhouse after missing his putt, another guy quickly spins around and throws his golf club a few metres in an attempt to immitate Schmails.
Contributed by: David Evans
Sarah Holcomb, who played Danny's love interest "Maggie O'Hooligan," also appeared as the 13 year old jailbait daughter of the Mayor in "Animal House." Despite the huge success of both films, Sarah's life spiraled into a nightmare of drugs, alcohol and depression, and Caddyshack was her last film appearance. Her true story is "chronicled" in the 2004 movie "Stateside."
Contributed by: Rene' Thurston
Chevy Chase and Bill Murray appeared on an episode of Saturday Night Live, performing a spoof commercial for "The Quotable Caddyshack," a book of one-liners from the film that can be used in "everyday situations." I know I quote it often! LOL!
Contributed by: Bernie_Lomax
If you look above the door frame in the Caddyshack, it says "Courtesy = Tips"
Contributed by: Bernie_Lomax
Michael O'Keefe who playe Danny Noonan, received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role as the oldest son of a Marine aviator in The Great Santini.
Contributed by: Lyndy
Michael O' Keefe went on to play Jackie's baby daddy and future husband Fred on "Roseanne".
Contributed by: Bernie_Lomax
Around the time that Tony D'Annunzio is teeing off in the Caddy Tournament you can here a spectator say about Tony, "He's a power hitter".
Incorrect Trivia
What follows are trivia items we now believe are bogus. Some of them will have explanations, some will not. We just leave 'em in for interest, really.
Myth: Some of the scenes in this movie were improvised, including the part where Chevy Chase's golfball accidentally breaks Bill Murray's window.

Actually, the scene between Chevy & Bill wasn't added until it was realized that the two biggest stars in the movie never share the screen. So, Chevy, Bill & Harold Ramis (the director) went to lunch, wrote the concept for the scene, and shot it that very afternoon. Just think, had it not been for that lunch, we would never know about smokable and playable grass :)