Caddyshack Bloopers & Goofs

Caddyshack Picture
The rodent in question.
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1980 Comedy movie starring Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray et al.
Contributed by: Boy-Z
When Bill Murray's character first sets out to kill the gopher it's supposed to be at night time. If you look closely when he puts his six-pack of Budweisers down you can clearly see the sun in the background.
Contributed by: pirate864
In the scene where Rodney Dangerfield says to Ted Knight, "Hey Scmails, a thousand bucks says ya miss that putt," keep looking in the background at Lacy Underalls legs. They keep going from being closed together, then apart and so on.
Contributed by: herk71
During the scene on the final hole when Danny is about to make his put and Ted Knight says "well, were waiting' and the the camera pans the crowd standing around the green. If you watch closely you will see the guy in the striped shirt holding the pin/flag giving the camera the middle finger.
Contributed by: Noonan
When Al Czervik plays his first round and uses his remote control to launch his driver form the bag, look at the closeup. The remote control is upside down.
Contributed by: steveb
As previously mentioned that at the 18th hole the guy in the striped shirt is giving the finger to the camera, he is also doing it at the snack hut when they make the bet to 80 thousand dollars. He is sitting on the steps.
Contributed by: steveb
A goof when Rodney is blasting around on his boat. When he is about to run over the black guy in the row boat, they cut to the bow of the boat. The film clip is in reverse as the water is folding toward the bow instead of folding away.
Contributed by: Bernie_Lomax
Just before the potential fight between Tony D'Annunzio is about to start, Angie D'Annunzio climbs up on to the roof at the back of the caddyshack. In this shot you can see around the side of the building and people are standing around as if there is a fight but at that point there is no indication that there might be a fight.
Contributed by: Steve McDonald
When Spaulding drinks the leftover cocktail with the cigarette in it, his bow tie is on his left.
When he throws up in Dr. Beepers Porsche, his bow tie is on his right.
Contributed by: Mike
The judge leaves his putter on the deck after he signs Danny's card.
Contributed by: John G
When Bishop Pickering is playing the round in the rain with Carl Spackler (Bill Murray), his last putt is in pouring rain. Carl pulls the pin and the scene shows the ball roll over the cup, hopping, then rolling past.

The next shot shows the Bishop reacting in anger, but there is no ball on the green.