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Go behind the scenes on the 1980 Comedy movie starring Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray More Cast

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Thanks to Rene Thurston
There was quite a bit of dissent on the set between Chevy Chase and Bill Murray, so much so it began hindering production. Each wanted the "limelight" in the film. The scene where Ty tries to retrieve his golfball from Carl's "house" was completely improvised by the two actors, set up by the director as a kind of "fight it out to the death" scene in which both would have the opportunity to inject their personal humor into the film. Apparently it worked!
Thanks to John W. Evans III
The scene where Carl and Ty are in Carl's place was NOT a fight it out to the death as Rene stated. That scene was SPECIFICALLY put in the film because there are NO OTHER scenes in the movie with the two of them together. The scene was totally improvised by the two of them.
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The noises the Gopher makes are actually vocalized by a dolphin, and the dolphin sound effects used are the same ones that were used for "Flipper" (1964).
At the time Caddy Shack was being filmed at the Rolling Hills Golf Course in Davie Fl. I was a teenager living in Cooper City, a small up and coming town about a mile west of Davie. I knew the movie was being filmed there but could never figure out a way to get in to see them filming.

I do know the original front of clubhouse was used to film the scene where Rodney Dangerfield and the actor who played Wang arrived. It was also used to shoot the scene where Spalding had his mishap into the sunroof of the Porsche.

Today most of the course has changed in appearance. If you Google map the area of Pine Island Rd. at the corner of S.W. 30 st.Davie Fl. You can still see the finished townhomes that were under construction at the time. These are the townhomes with the unique bubble windows that can be seen behind Rodney in the scene where his character was talking about his construction projects.
Thanks to Jay Turner
I read, or heard somewhere, that, during the filming of Caddyshack, a different song was played on the fairway when Rodney's character shouted "hey everybody, let's dance"... It was replaced by "Anyway You Want It" by Journey in post production. However, I cannot recall what song was originally used during filming. Anyone?

Update: "Mike Hunt" kindly wrote in to say that the original song playing on the fairway was "My Sharona" by The Knack.

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Deleted Scenes

There are often scenes cut from the final version of a movie. Sometimes these will have been seen by preview audiences, or be included in Blu-ray or DVD extras etc.

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Alternate Versions

Sometimes, there will be several versions of a movie floating about on cable, tv or video etc. Other times, a Director may release a special cut of the movie on Blu-ray or DVD.

The following versions of Caddyshack are apparently real. If you disagree or have additional info, please update us.

Rewind Archive
A few scenes were added for network television, including the scene where Carl shows Danny how to properly hit a golfball. All of these scenes are included in the behind-the-scenes documentary "Caddyshack: the 19th Hole" on the special edition DVD.
Thanks to Phillip Smith
When broadcast on network television (depending which network, but usually A & E, Comedy Central, or ABC), Caddyshack had 3 scenes added and 1 scene altered.

1) First, after Carl picks a scythe out of a tree and says "It's not my fault no one can understand what you're saying", we see him coming down a hill driving a giant yellow lawnmower with a smiley face :) on the front and stopping to give golfing tips to Danny and Ty. "You see coming back here, you've lost it, and by the time you get down here, you might as well be playing on the ladies tee if you know what I mean"! The end of this scene involved Ty (Chevy Chase) jumping on the side of the mower as Carl (Bill Murray) steered the mower towards the direction of a golf ball but what audiences didn't see was, as Chevy Chase describes in the Spec. Ed. DVD and VHS, "Billy made the widest left turn ever... I had to jump like 5 feet to miss getting mowed over by the blades"!

2) The 2nd scene added follows the "lawnmower" scene. The caddies including Tony, Angie, and Joey D'Nunzio are walking towards the shack and a black Porsche is behind them moving as slowly as the caddies are walking. The porsche belongs to Dr. Beeper. Tony shouts "Hey Doc! It's a 5 mile speed limit!" and then moves out of the way and pretends to slam himself into the hood of the car and rolls on a hill making it seem like the Doctor has hit him. Dr. Beeper (Dan Resin) steps out of his car leaving the door open to see what happened but the caddies run off laughing. When the Doc's back is turned "Motormouth" (Hamilton Mitchell) secretly shuts the door and when the Doc returns it's locked. By pulling on the handle, the Doctor sets off the Porsche's alarm system and is baffled by what has just happened.

3) The 3rd scene added follows Ty and Lacey's (Cindy Morgan) love scene. The Noonan station wagon is seen racing down a road and we hear Danny's mother tellign him to slow down. The station wagon stops in front of a church and Danny's whole family gets out. Danny stays inside and his mother tells him "It wouldn't hurt you to come to mass sometimes!" "I went last night, they got a special mass for guys who work during the summer!". Danny then goes on to explain how he has to mow Judge Smails' lawn and then head over to the yacht club. He then zooms away in the station wagon and his mother is shown mimicking a statue in front of the church with a raised "I'm warning you" finger in the air.

4) The altered scene comes at the end. Instead of hearing Al's (Rodney Dangerfield) trademark line "Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid!", there's a different shot of him saying "Hey everybody, let's all take a shower!"
Thanks to Phillip Smith
The original script for the film didn't even HAVE a Carl Spackler character! Instead, it was Sandy McFiddish the greenskeeper who was trying to nab the gopher.

Also, the original script had many scenes that didn't really belong in the finished film.

-Tony and Danny being more friendly

-Tony being the one who gets Maggie (Sarah Holcomb) pregnant

-Tony, Danny, and Angie D'Nunzio stealing a shipment of television sets from a harbor

-A Caddy named Injun Joe who was a spoof of the Chief from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

-A wedding involving Chuck Schick (the man who Judge Smails said was about to "pass the bar" and Noble Hayes (the girl who at the marina after seeing Danny remarks "He looks like Dick Cavett!")

-A VERY romantic, drug-induced love scene involving Lacey (who was written as being 17!) and Danny

-An entirely different ending involving Danny getting ready to board a plane to Harvard when he spots a sexy looking girl carrying a golf bag on her shoulder and heads off in her direction instead!
Thanks to jerel73
Television versions of this movie also usually omit the doodie in the pool part of the caddy pool scene.

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