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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1989 Comedy movie starring Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin et al.
Contributed by: Day
I think the most non-heinous sequel to "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure", entitled "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey", released in 1991, deserves a mention. It may be just over the hill from the 80's but is still very much in line with the 80's spirit of the original Bill & Ted.
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Actors weren't the only ones making appearances in this movie... The Three Most Important People were none other than Clarence Clemons, Fee Waybill and Martha Davis! And little Joan of Arc... That's Jane Wiedlin from the Go Go's!
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Footage from "War and Peace" is used in the scene when Bill & Ted first spot Napoleon
Contributed by: David Eskelsen
The movie is often criticised for portraying Billy the Kid as right handed when he was apparently left handed as the only photo taken of him shows. However, in the picture he was holding a Colt and a Wenchester Rifle. If you look closely at the Rifle you'll see that the loading chamber is on the left side and everyone who is big on guns knows that the loading chamber is always on the right side. So the photo is backwards! So that means Billy the Kid was, in reality, right handed.
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Excellent Adventure writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson appear briefly in the film as waiters in the ice cream parlor. They are billed as Ed "Stupid Waiter" Solomon and Chris "Ugly Waiter" Matheson
Contributed by: Neo
Alex Winter also hosted a hilarious comedy skit show on MTV, called "The Idiot Box". It was a "Kids In The Hall" type show, only there were also music videos. He played the role of "Eddie The Flying Gimp", as well as others that I cannot remember.
Contributed by: Christina
Diane Franklin plays Princess Joanna, she is the girl with the long curly hair who is interested in Ted. She is also seen at the end of the movie; she is wearing the light blue dress and is standing next to Ted. She is better known in the movie "The Last American Virgin".
Contributed by: Emily
Alex Winter (Bill Preston) was only 23 when he got the part and Keanu Reeves (Ted Logan) was 24.
Contributed by: Sheri
In the second Bill and Ted (Bogus Journey) they spell writer Ed Solomon's name backwards to name the main villain "De Nomolos".
Contributed by: Santiago Velasquez
Bill and Ted were reunited years later (after the sequel) in the hilarious film FREAKED, directed and written by Alex Winter, in which Winter plays an actor trapped in a freak show. Keanu Reeves plays his nemesis, the Dog Faced Boy, even though he is uncredited in the role!
Contributed by: SJ
George Carlin who was known in the film as Rufus, later appeared in "Dogma" alongside another character Rufus (Chris Rock). Seems a bit of a coincidence; as Rufus isn't a very popular name.
Contributed by: Phantom Planet
Actor Dan Shor who portrayed Billy the Kid also played computer program/hero 'RAM' in Disney's 1982 computer generated cult-hit 'TRON'
Contributed by: Madison
Alex Winter is also in the 80's movie 'The Lost Boys'. He plays Marco.
Contributed by: Sean Ohlson
It is suggested that some people consider this film to be an inferior version of Wayne's World. However, this movie was released in 1989, Wayne's World came out in 1992.
Contributed by: Michael J Walters
The film cast did the voice acting for the animated series!
Incorrect Trivia
What follows are trivia items we now believe are bogus. Some of them will have explanations, some will not. We just leave 'em in for interest, really.
Where Beethoven laughs before playing the keyboard, he doesn't laugh because he hears something; he laughs because he realizes the keyboard is actually a piano. His laugh has nothing to do with his hearing.
When the music store owner turns on the automatic music, Beethoven laughs, as if he heard it. In real life, Beethoven had become deaf! He could not have heard it (or anything else)!
I believe Beethoven is in contact with the piano at the time and can "hear" by feeling the vibrations.
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