Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Soundtrack

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Soundtrack


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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure featured the following songs:

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The end theme song, Two Heads are Better Than One, was written by Nelson and Dweezil Zappa and performed by Power Tool (actually Nelson).
Thanks to Ryan Harvard
In the scene where Bill & Ted visit the future with the awesome music in the background, the song being played is the Robbie Robb "In Time" song.

However, this version in the movie is different to the one on the soundtrack CD, featuring an extended intro and more guitar solos. It's actually better than the one on the soundtrack, here's hoping they re-release the soundtrack with this movie version of the song.
Thanks to Kevin Allustiarti
This movie must have had a profound effect on the new rock group "the ataries" for they have a song titled "San dimas highschool football rules" in which there is a line stating "searching for a highschool you know doesn't exist"

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