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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1989 Comedy movie starring Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Rick Rothen, Stanley Newton, Gary Van Fleet

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Filming Locations:

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Wanna see the real life filming location used for The "most excellent" Circle K in the movie?

These scenes were actually shot at Circle K, located in Tempe, Arizona. Google Map

Bill's house is actually at 18th street and Bethany home Road, Central Phoenix. It's a sight to see. It's been remodeled, but you can still tell it's his house very easily. The mountain in the backround is actually Squaw Peak Mountain, which is actually right by his house. [Thanks to Christian Cheney]

The famous auditorium scene was filmed at East high. I was there along with my brother and several other Coronado high students!! There was also an entire prom scene with dancing that never wound up in the movie. We spent so many hours filming that darn scene... [Thanks to Randi Diamond Jones]

Bill's house is at 122 W. Kaler Drive in north central Phoenix. It was my friend's house and you can see lots of the family's possessions in the movie. [Thanks to Pinklotus]

"Bill and Ted's" backyard is actually behind a different house! [Thanks to Sarah]

Coronado High School Scottsdale, AZ was used for both school establishing exterior shots and the auditorium (torn-down for remodeling in 2006) at the end of the movie. You can view some pictures of it at Coronado's web site or their alumni page. The full address is Coronado High School, 2501 North 74th St; Scottsdale, AZ [Thanks to Eric Volman]

In the late 1980s, CHS was used as a film location as a less-expensive alternative to filming in California. It is said that Coronado HS was also used in "Just One of the Guys." (1986) [Thanks to Raj Mehta]

The water park, "Waterloo", is actually called Sunsplash and is located in Mesa, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix) and was only known then as "Golfland". It is now known as Golfland-Sunsplash since it has expanded to a full water park instead of just a couple of slides. The scenes in Bill and Ted's were a cross between Golfland-Sunsplash (as it had not expanded yet to a complete water park) and the "Raging Waters" waterpark in San Dimas, CA. Click here for their main web and here for and the Mesa location specifically. [Thanks to Eric Volman]

The mall scenes were shot at the MetroCenter Mall in Phoenix at I-17 between Dunlap and Peoria. [Thanks to Eric Volman]

The mall has gone under extensive remodeling since the movie was filmed. The elevators (one in which Joan of Arc does her fitness routine, located near the Waldenbooks) no longer look the same. The Ice Skating Rink is no longer there (now the lower level of the two story theater). Neither are the Oshman's Sporting Goods or Schroder's (sp?) Music. The only place that has stayed the same is Hot Dog On A Stick. [Thanks to MK]

The scenes of Ted's house (where his father tells him he's going to military school in Alaska) appear to be in the Camelback/Arcadia district of Phoenix. There are scenes where what appears to be Camelback Mountain are in the background so I'm lead to believe it is either on Lafeyette or Exidor(sp) Drive. [Thanks to Eric Volman]

The police station where Bill and Ted are taken is a building located on Washington and about 56 St in Phoenix. I believe it is now abandoned and I don't know what is was during filming. Can anyone else help? [Thanks to Sean Sovereign]

The police station location you have is wrong: it's in fact the old Firemans Aux. Hall located in Old Town Scottsdale, on 2nd St, across from the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza. I was working at the UA5 movie theater on the day the scenes were filmed. Coronado HS was also the site of many other movie scenes over the years. I believe the auditorium scenes were shot at an old resort located in North Scottsdale on Indian Bend Rd. [Thanks to Mick Scholes]

The Bowling ally in the movie (scene with Napolean) was filmed at what used to be a "Fair Lanes" -it is now AMF- located on Rural Rd, and the U.S. 60 freeway behind Denny's. The plaza has undergone some extensive remodoling several years ago, and hardly looks like it did in the movie, but none the less that is where it was filmed. [Thanks to Justin Kusmierczyk]

The ice cream place they take Napoleon was filmed at the Chuck E Cheese at 8039 N. 35th Ave in Phoenix, Arizona. [Thanks to Kristen]

San Dimas High School, 800 West Covina Boulevard, San Dimas, CA was also used.

The former East High School on 52nd st; between Mcdowell and Van Buren may also have been used.

Some of the school scenes were also filmed at Shadow Mountain High School. A number of people from that school were in the audience in the end scene.[Thanks to Paul Hillman]

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