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Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1984 Dance / Music movie starring Guy Davis, Leon W. Grant, Rae Dawn Chong et al.
Contributed by: James Cooper
The director Stan Latham was also the director/producer of DEF Poetry on HBO.
Kenny, played by Guy Davis, is not only Ossie Davis' son, but also went on to a career in music with several Blues/Roots albums under his belt.
Graffiti legend Phase 2 was a consultant on this movie.
Contributed by: James Cooper
Kool Herc, creator of Hip-Hop, appears in the movie as the owner of the burning spear. Dougie Fresh is also in the movie as the human beat box.
Just a little something that not many would notice...The female drummer in the pit orchestra conducted by Tracy (Rae Dawn Chong) is a highly revered jazz drummer named Terri Lyne Carrington who has played with many top name jazz artists including her more recent participation in Herbie Hancock's trio.
Contributed by: Rahul Kshirsagar
The girl that plays Ramon's girlfriend is Saundra Santiago who went on to co-star in "Miami Vice" as Don Johnson's semi-love interest Gina Calabrese.
Contributed by: Rich
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