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The starting scene of Beat Street was filmed in Madison Park. In the secuence, Lee and others are dancing in the street close to the William H. Seward statue, that also can be seen. It still stands in the same place, in spite of the many changes suffered by this part of the city in the last 25 years. [Thanks to GJ]

When Lee Meets up with two other Beat Street Breakers, Lee Yell out to Chollie "Yo, Hey yo, Chollie, Bust this!" and Lee and his friends start dancing in the street. There are on Longwood Avenue and Dawson Street.

In the back you see Ramo's "If art is a crime, may god forgive me" piece on a pink Brownstone building.

Ramon's building is located on Hewitt between Longwood Ave and Westchester avenue.

The Roxy was a roller skaing rink and a night club. Its location was at 515 West 18 street in Manhattan. Its no longer there.

[Thanks to Miltonnewyork for the excellent above locations info]

Can you help? Do you know any of the New York City, New York filming locations used for Beat Street? [Please send them in]

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