Summer School


Carl Reiner is one of America's pre-eminent directors whose credits include the hit comedies "Oh, God!," "All Of Me" and "The Jerk".

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This movie is one of the best comedies that was ever made in the 80's. I say that it is right up there with the likes of "Sixteen Candles" and other 80's icons!

It stars Mark Harmon as Mr. Freddy Shoop, a gym teacher who is on his way to a tropical vacation for the summer when a snotty vice principal tells Freddy that if he wants to keep his job at the high school then he has to teach summer school!
I've been handing out assignments and the kids turn them in and everything. It's almost like school in there!

-Freddy Shoop

Among some of the pupils that Shoop will be educating are Rhonda, a pregnant teen, Chainsaw and Dave, two horror movie obsessed students with a love for the macabre and Larry, a sleepy student with a night job that leaves little to the imagination. Throw in a hot Italian exchange-student bombshell and a out of place dweeb and you have the makings of one heck of a wacky adventure!

Throughout the movie, Shoop is tested as a teacher and a friend as he makes bargains with his class and takes them on insane field trips that have little to no educational value all the while beaming for the love of fellow teacher Ms. Bishop (Kirstie Alley) and fending off the wicked Vice principal.

Summer School is an adventure, to say the least and an amazing comedy that screams of 80's antics. Only in the 80's would a great movie be made like this folks.


In my book this movie scores high. It is filled with wacky 80's antics, hilarious charecters and a great soundtrack of 80's pop!

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Strengths: Totally cool cast, wicked music and 80's cheese make this comedy beloved!

Weaknesses? Stuffy movie goers won't enjoy this.

Our rating: 9.5 out of 10

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Summer School