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Steve Martin was actually married to co-star Victoria Tennant in the 1980s. They appeared onscreen together again in "LA Story."

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Being the loyal Steve Martin fan (see my page for The Man With Two Brains), I felt like I had to... No, MUST!, give props for a really funny movie of Martin's -"All of Me".

Lily Tomlin plays Edwina Cutwater, a very sick, very rich spinster, who lives in a mansion bigger than Texas. She knows she is dying. However, she is given a miraculous choice; Prahka Lasa, a Tibetan meditation guru, will transfer her soul into a young woman by the name of Terry Hoskins (daughter of the stablehand) so Edwina can "continue" life.

A major goof-up happens, though. The guru mistakenly messes up the procedure, and Edwina's soul goes into the body of her disliked lawyer, Roger Cobb (played by Martin)... and her soul takes over the entire right half of his body.


Now Edwina and Roger are living together in the same body. The struggles to get the soul to the right body and the struggles of dealing with Edwina in his are too hilarious to ruin here. I will leave you with this. Now, go rent or buy the movie and watch for yourself!


"All of Me" had me laughing the entire time. This is good, packaged, Steve Martin humor, and he does it very well.

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Strengths: Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin, the two main characters. They were an unlikely comedy duo, which made for a great movie.

Weaknesses? Are you kidding?!?

Our rating: 9 out of 10

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All of Me