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James Belushi is the brother of the late John Belushi. A former star of the hit TV show "Saturday Night Live" and a regular star of 80's movies, he can be seen in such classics as "About Last Night", "Trading Places", "Red Heat" and "Little Shop of Horrors". His role in this movie is considered by many to be his finest hour.

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What is a guy to do when he has to deal with a high school that has been seized by a youth gang, especially if the guy is the new principal of the school? THE PRINCIPAL is about to help you answer the question.

High school teacher Rick Latimer (James Belushi) has been estranged from his wife for quite some time, but when he sees her with a new boyfriend, he takes action and beats him up.

As punishment, Rick is promoted to principal of the infamous Brandel High, where drugs, violence and weapons are very usual things.

At the school, Rick crosses paths with the youth gang leader Victor Duncan (Michael Wright) as he is making his speech to end the drugs and violence, but when Rick underestimates Victor, the situation turns into a violent confrontation as Rick receives numerous death threats. However, death threats donít stop the principal when head of security Jake Phillips (Louis Gossett, Jr.) helps him clean up the school.

While trying to save the school, Rick takes time out to either date teacher Ms. Orozco (Rae Dawn Chong) or to tutor would-be dropout Treena Lester (Kelly Jo Minter). Rick even helps another student clean himself up.

However, this does not keep Rick safe from Victor as he confronts the drug dealerís gang for a last ditch effort to save the school and his career and to, most importantly, survive...


This may look like a plain-old cheesy flick about a guy trying to clean up a school, but THE PRINCIPAL is actually a good film with a excellent performance by James Belushi.

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Strengths: Good storyline and a stunning performance by Belushi.

Weaknesses? If the plot sounds cheesy, you're probably right.

Our rating: 8 out of 10

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The Principal