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I have always loved this movie and was recently in a professional theatre production of the musical as Chiffon (of the chorus), so I got even more into it! I found out that the musical is actually based on a 1960s B-horror flick of the same name. That is where the "alternate ending" comes from. In the old movie and in the stage version, all 4 main characters get eaten by the Audrey II. The stage version's last song is a big production number that goes along with it called "Don't Eat the Plants!" I have also read around on the internet that if you have the Laserdisc version of the movie, it has the cut scene of the Audrey II attacking the city, but I have never seen it.

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Poor Seymour Krelborn (Rick Moranis) has had bad luck his whole life. A downtrodden geek working in Mushnik's flower shop on Skid Row, Seymour secretly pines for flower-arranger Audrey (Ellen Greene), a buxom, shrill-voiced blonde currently involved with sadistic, motorcycle-riding nitrous oxide addict Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. (Steve Martin).

But Seymour's unusual passion for strange plants seems to pay off when he discovers, after a sudden solar eclipse, a small flytrap "stuck in among the zinnias" at a plant shop. Seymour uses his strange discovery to attract business to Mushnik's flower shop. Little does he know that "Audrey II" - so-named after the object of Seymour's affection - is really a "mean green mother from outer space", who needs human blood in order to survive. Where he got human blood *before* he came to earth, is not specified.

Nurtured by the blood of the surly Mr. Mushnik, Audrey II grows from an adorable, smiling flytrap to a big slimy thing that's all jaws and tentacles. And he sings, too.

Meanwhile, Audrey, growing sick of Orin's abuse, dreams of a life where she could marry Seymour and live "somewhere that's green", where she can "cook like Betty Crocker and look like Donna Reed". Posing as a dental patient, Seymour plans to shoot Orin for plant food, but the sadistic dentist OD's on nitrous oxide, sparing Seymour the dirty work.

Now, network execs want Seymour and his unique plant to host a gardening show! It's a dream come true - fame, fortune, a chance to talk about plants to a captive audience and above all, a chance with Audrey. Except that to keep Audrey II alive, he's got to keep killing people, so at last he decides that "the vegetable must be destroyed" and blows the plant (which is now beginning to bloom - with singing flowers!), along with Mushnik's shop, to kingdom come. In a cloud of smoke and plant slime, he and Audrey confess their love for one another.


Based on the 1960 cult comedy that inspired the hit broadway musical, Little Shop has one of the best movie soundtracks ever released and some truly classic scenes - including masochistic Arthur Denton's (Bill Murray) rendezvous with Orin Scrivello and Seymour's guest appearance on Wink Wilkinson's (John Candy) radio show.

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Strengths: Transcends the boundary between cult and mainstream film; a hilariously sick sci-fi comedy with terrific music.

Weaknesses? I'm hard pressed to come up with any weaknesses.. sorry!

Our rating: 9.5 out of 10

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Little Shop of Horrors