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Simply one of the best soundtracks ever released. Orin's "Dentist!" number and the opening "Skid Row" song remain some of my all-time favorite songs. Both Ellen Greene and Rick Moranis have considerable singing talent, and are aided by the all-girl chorus that narrates the story.

The composers who wrote the music for the musical and the songs (including the additional song written specifically for the movie, "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space") were Howard Ashman (lyrics) and Alan Menken (music), who later wrote for Disney, including the songs from "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Aladdin". [Thanks to Andi]

The following song tracks were featured in Little Shop of Horrors:

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Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)  -  CastSkid Row (Downtown)  -  CastDa-Doo  -  CastGrow for Me  -  CastSomewhere That's Green  -  CastSome Fun Now  -  CastDentist  -  CastFeed Me (Git It)  -  CastSuddenly, Seymour  -  CastSuppertime  -  CastMeek Shall Inherit  -  CastMean Green Mother from Outerspace  -  CastFinale (Don't Feed the Plants)  -  Cast
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Song Trivia The song "Bad" was not used in the movie because the song was sung a little fast and the puppeteers couldn't get the biggest plant to rap and move to the song without it looking too fake. There were only three new (entirely new songs, not old songs that had been changed) written for the film itself. These songs are "Some Fun Now" (which is a reworking of "Ya Never Know"), "Mean Green Mother From Outerspace" (which is a rewrite of the song "Bad"), and "Crystal, Ronnette, and Chiffon" (which wasn't used when the ending was changed. Written to play over the credits).

Seymour's solo in "Meek Shall Inherit" was shot and not used when the ending changed. The whole point of that solo was to show that Seymour would eventually decide to keep doing more evil acts so that Audrey would still love him. The chorus, as Seymour signs all these contracts (which sort of represents Seymour selling his soul to the devil), reminds us that the meek will get what's coming to them, and Seymour will eventually pay (and die).

Many of the songs from the stage show were cut because producer David Geffen felt that they were only a means to create time on stage to prepare the plant for scene changes. Because, in the movie, they could cut from scene to scene, the songs were no longer necessary.

The "Suddenly Seymour" reprise was originally placed in the scene in the alley right after "The Meek Shall Inherit". This scene was reshot and the song was moved when the ending was changed. -Thanks to Many Robert For The Above

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