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Jim Belushi has publicly said that the role of "Bernie" is one of his two favorites ever! He stated "Bernie in 'About Last night' was very funny... I played that character on stage as well. So I really knew him."

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Loosely based on David Mamet's stage play, "Sexual Perversity in Chicago", About Last Night delves deeper into modern relationships amongst young adults and is much more charming and heartwarming than Mamet's single act stage play.

In my humble opinion this little movie, directed by Edward Zwick, the director of the civil war drama "Glory", gives one of the most accurate perceptions of the various forces at work in modern relationships (as they were in that era, anyway).

The film follows a young couple (Lowe and Moore) as they fall in love and set up home in Chicago, and wryly observes the reactions of their friends (played by Belushi and Perkins) to this romance that, of course, means that they see much less of their former roommates and best friends.

The movie carefully retains an upbeat style, never loses its sense of humour and is a goldmine of 80's cliches in both the filmmaking and clothing styles.

Women like it for it's genuine heart and romance. Guys like it because it, for once, accurately conveys male bonding and the pressure they are put under from their friends when settling down with a girl.

Definitely a good one to watch with a loved one (or future loved one). Wallow in the nostalgia of 80's clothing, music and social scene as it is conveyed on screen and enjoy the thoughtful, sensitive script played with sincerity by this bunch of leading lights from the 80's. Belushi is never funnier, Lowe never acted better and Demi never looked better...


An excellent character piece and romantic comedy, "About Last Night" is often overlooked.

James Belushi proves a great comedy sidekick to Rob lowe's serious character.

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Strengths: Nice script. A genuine attempt at a "serious" romantic comedy with emphasis on the characters.

Weaknesses? Some would say just "mutton dressed up as lamb".

Our rating: 9.1 out of 10

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About Last Night