Directed by "About Last Night" director Edward Zwick and starring Matthew "Ferris Bueller" Broderick, Glory would seem an unlikely choice for both. That may be so, but from their previous work, surely no-one could have guessed how well they would pull off this totally different, complex movie.

Broderick is truly excellent as the colonel of the first black regiment in the civil war, whilst Zwick's steerage of this difficult subject is among the best that anyone has achieved in a war drama, let alone one concerning difficult racial issues....

This is a move that has to be seen to be appreciated, as if you haven't seen it, my futile attempts to describe it are only going to sound hollow compared with the excellence of the actual movie.

No wonder that it has been voted #89 on the all time top 250 by internet users at the IMDb.

Definitely one of the best crafted war movies ever made and surely a true symbol of 80's movie excellence. You could describe it as a "Saving Private Ryan" for the civil war...

All the actors do a tremendous job, especially Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman, whose performances (especially Denzel's) are simply awesome.


If you haven't seen it you have missed out. An all time classic.

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Strengths: Simply awesome portrayal of dignity, honor and courage.

Weaknesses? Not for those who prefer 'popcorn' movies.

Our rating: 9.5 out of 10

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