The 130ft yacht "YeCats", which portrayed the "Immaculatta" nd was built in Hong Kong at Kong & Halvorsen in 1984. She was lavishly bedecked in crystal chandeliers and velvet cheetah upholstery. Dubbed 'so ostentatious and tacky that even a billionaire arms dealer might consider it tasteless' (The Hollywood Reporter), the yacht was docked in Fort Bragg's Noyo Harbor. Years later she was sunk due to fire but then refurbished, lengthened to 142ft and renamed "Attessa". In the 90s, she changed hands and was renamed "Huntress" and used in the Robert Redford movie "Indecent Proposal".

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More Behind The Scenes from Overboard
This has got to be one of the funniest rags to riches movie ever!

Goldie Hawn (Joanna) plays a snobby rich wife to a pretentious, yacht-owning socialite. When the boat gets stuck for repairs, in comes carpenter Kurt Russell (Dean) to improve her living quarters.

Despite doing a brilliant job and suffering her attitude with good humor, when it is time to get paid he gets turned down by snobby Joanna who thinks her 'you-know-what' don't stink.

When Joanna falls overboard one night trying to find her wedding ring she gets amnesia. She doesn't know who she is or where she came from. Her hubby doesn't bother to 'claim' her, feeling that he is well rid of her bad attitude.

Dean sees a news report on TV about her case and decides to take advantage of the situation whilst getting playful revenge by telling her that she is his wife and the mother of his four children.

Living a life of limited means is a terrible culture shock for Joanna. The house they live in is disgustingly dirty and the kids are unruly. Somehow she muddles through and despite herself, begins to enjoy life in a way she has never done... Until her old life catches up with her...


I love this movie I can watch it over and over again! Not only does it have quick wit humor but the chemistry between Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn!

I recommend this movie to all!

Notice any mistakes? Review

Strengths: Humor, Romance.

Weaknesses? Nada.

Our rating: 9.4 out of 10

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