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Locations Manager(s): Mario Iscovich, William T. Schneider

On Location

Most of Overboard was filmed in Ft. Bragg and Mendocino, California. They built the "puttputt" center in a camp ground and left it there for a while for us "locals" to use. The same school the boys went to in Overboard was used in the movie "Racing with the Moon". [Thanks to Carole Robinson]

A portion of the movie was filmed in Newport, OR - the birthday party scene/restaurant was filmed in the bay there. [Thanks to Debbie]

The feed store that I owned on Franklin Street in Fort Bragg was used as the fertilizer plant where Kurt Russell aka Dean moonlighted. It was a night scene where he was shoveling "fertilizer" into a truck. The fertilizer was actually animal feed. I was an extra in the movie and my fiancÚ, Baker Hayter, worked with the crew as security. [Thanks to Cathy Rowbottom]

The harbor that the yacht stays in is called Noyo Harbor. There's a restaurant there called "Captain Flints" where Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell go out for her Birthday. The harbor is more at the south end of Fort Bragg. Some scenes were filmed in "Captain Flint's". The restaraunt is decent and the seafood is top notch... The views were good too! [Thanks to Joe]

The Wharf Restaurant (next to Captain Flint's) was used for the business scene meeting with Kurt Russell when I believe they were discussing the the Golf Course Idea, and my husband and I are at the table with them. The School used was at the time the Fort Bragg Junior High School and the hospital was located near the cafeteria which is now the Fort Bragg Senior Center. [Thanks to Jay McMartin]

The bowling alley in Fort Bragg was used in the scenes where Kurt Russell first sees Goldie Hawn on TV. The place was untouched for the shoot including the hand written sign next to the TV telling people not to touch it. [Thanks to sardog1vi]

The yacht used in the movie arrived in Fort Bragg and is shown being escorted by the Coast Guard. We were asked to escort the boat in by the production company as they had never been in there. Noyo River entrance is small and can be treachorous. We had no idea we were being filmed during the escort. We also boarded the yacht and conducted a law enforcement boarding. The interior of the yacht was completely changed for the movie. It looked nothing like that when it arrived. [Thanks to sardog1vi]

Dean's "Kurt Russell" house was located a few miles up Road 409, which is a few miles south of Fort Bragg in a town called Casper. [Thanks to Barbara Lette]

Can you help? Do you know any of the Mendocino, N. California filming locations used for Overboard? [Please send them in]

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