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Stupendous Soundtrack! Defined 1980! It has recently been remastered and is greatly improved. Use our search feature.

The following song tracks were featured in Xanadu:

Track names in Bold are linked to a Soundtrack release.
Magic  -  Electric Light Orchestra, Olivia Newton-JohnSuddenly  -  Electric Light Orchestra, Olivia Newton-JohnDancin' Round and Round  -  Electric Light Orchestra, Olivia Newton-JohnSuspended in Time  -  Electric Light Orchestra, Olivia Newton-JohnWhenever You're Away from Me  -  Electric Light Orchestra, Olivia Newton-JohnI'm Alive  -  Electric Light OrchestraFall  -  Electric Light OrchestraDon't Walk Away  -  Electric Light OrchestraAll over the World  -  Electric Light OrchestraXanadu  -  Electric Light Orchestra, Olivia Newton-JohnDrum Dreams  -  Electric Light OrchestraYou Made Me Love You  -  Olivia Newton-JohnFool Country  -  Olivia Newton-JohnDrum Dreams  -  Electric Light Orchestra
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Song Trivia Three songs were available as B sides of singles from this movie, but not on the sound track. "Drum Dreams" was the long intro from the club opening sequence and was only available on the B side to the single "All Over The World". "Fool Country" was the B side of "Magic" and was one of the songs played in the club, hald being heavy metal. "You Made Me Love You" sung by Olivia is the b-side to the 7" single release of "Suddenly" peformed by Olivia and Cliff Richard. The song is heard in the film while Danny is talking to himself about getting old and remembering when he used to perform in the '40s. This is just before the "Whenever I'm Away From You" number in Danny's house. -Thanks to Michael And Mike Martin

The film features the title theme song, "Xanadu," which is the only song in history beginning with the letter 'X' to break into Billboard's Top 40. -Thanks to Steve Lewis

Xanadu, the movie, may have been a film flop, but Xanadu, the soundtrack, was a huge hit for both Olivia and the Electric Light Orchestra. For years, Jeff Lynne, the lead singer of ELO, disavowed his work on Xanadu. In interviews about how he came up with the title song, Lynne has said he was instructed to use the word "Xanadu" as many times as possible. Mission accomplished as he's said that he used the word "Xanadu" 27 times in the song. In recent years, Lynne has acknowledged the merit in his Xanadu work and in fact recorded a new version of Xanadu a few years ago with his lead vocals instead of Olivia's.

Xanadu and Magic were both top 5 hits. Olivia has said in interviews that "Suspended in Time" is her favorite ballad of her repertoirre. She performed Suspended in Time for the first time live during her 30-year anniversary concert series.

Xanadu was ELO's only number 1 selling record. The original album came with 8 free postcard scenes from the movie. -Thanks to Gary

While ELO did the bulk of the non-Olivia music in the film, the "Dancin'" scene where the two male leads consider the type of club they want, features 80's rock band, The Tubes, in a duet with Olivia. Originally, the 3 women lip-synccing for Olivia in the "Dancin'" scene were originially supposed to be 3 Olivias with different colored hair -- but the expense of doing a 3-way film split was too high, given the already high expense of the "aura" effects for Olivia and the other muses. -Thanks to Barry Freiman

The song Xanadu appears in the movie 3 times (in the space of perhaps 10 minutes). The first time the song ends, definitively, in a minor chord. The second time the song ends in a major chord, with Olivia singing notes in a descending scale. The final version is over the end credits, again with the minor-key ending.

The minor-key ending, to my knowledge, was never available on any released recording.

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Score Music Composer(s): Barry DeVorzon

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