Xanadu Bloopers & Goofs

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Olivia Newton John doing what she does best.
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1980 Dance / Music movie starring Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, Michael Beck et al.
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The camera crew is reflected in the big mirror on the ballroom dance scene.
Contributed by: Christine A
When Sonny goes back to work, he walks in and "Richie", Fred McCarren, is painting, but has only painted some of the girl and part of a red ball, then by the time Sonny puts his vest on the hook on the other side of the room Richie's painting is totally finished.
Contributed by: Marty
While Olivia is singing the title trackin the movie, watch for the skaters at the end of the film who are jumping off a ramp in the club; one young lady obviously falls as she lands; they tried to edit it out, but you can still tell she crashes!
Contributed by: Shelly Nolte
When Sonny is at the art studio painting at night and Kira sneaks up on him and scares him a bit (right before they go skating at the recording studio), you see him with his palette in his left hand and painting with his right hand. A second later, after he sees Kira, he is painting with his left hand and the palette is gone. Then he has brushes in both hands.
Contributed by: brew
When Sonny takes the big dip off the end of the pier then is at the coffee shop with Gene Kelly he is wearing a dry leather jacket instead of a wet one.
Contributed by: dep1701
At the beginning of the film, Danny McGuire is seen playing his clarinet on a rock at the beach as the sun rises over the ocean. One problem: Xanadu is set in California (evidenced by the location shooting on Venice Beach) and the sun NEVER rises on the PACIFIC ocean!
Contributed by: dep1701
Olivia Newton-John may be a terrific singer, but as she's said herself, she's not much of a dancer.

If you watch the end of the 'country' dance number during the big finale, you'll see Olivia begin to lose her balance and drop her raised foot to the floor to steady herself, before the animated "X" can completely transition out of the scene.
Contributed by: dep1701
After Sonny enters the Pan-Pacific Auditorium, he watches Kira lazily skating to the throbbing strains of the hit song "Magic".

After gazing at her through the first verse and chorus of the song, he decides to announce his presence by yelling "You!".

Proving that she's truly 'magical' (or that the dubbing editor was not paying close attention) she responds, "Me.", but her lips do not form the word until she's nearly out of the frame...well after the word has been said.
Contributed by: dacosta
When the first Muse comes to life... look at her raised foot just resting on air.
Contributed by: Gregory
In the same scene referenced above in the art studio with the changing brushes, his shirt changes as well. At first it is a light blue jean shirt, then it changes to a darker blue shirt, and changes back and forth.