Tokyo Pop Soundtrack

Tokyo Pop Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

Tokyo Pop featured the following songs:

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Carrie Hamilton
Red Warriors/Yutaka Takokoro
Michael Cerveris
Yutaka Tadokoro
Red Warriors/Yutaka Takokoro
Yutaka Tadokoro
Carrie Hamilton/Yutaka Tadokoro
Carrie Hamilton
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The movie features plenty of songs, many of which are in Japanese.Update Us

Song Trivia

Thanks to Sacha
"X" was a real band that later changed their name to "X Japan". They were wildly popular, and still are, with Japanese AND American fans. They're known as the leaders in the 'visual kei' scene. Sadly, in May 1998, 'hide', their guitarist and later incredibly popular solo artist, was found dead in his home having committed suicide. No one really knows why he did it. It's thought he didn't mean to. He was very drunk at the time and might have been practicing a stage antic and passed out or something like that. (He was found with a towel around his neck also tied to the bathroom door handle.) People from all over the world were deeply affected by his death. Yoshiki and Toshi (drummer/pianist and vocalist) both have had successful solo careers. Pata and Heath (guitarist and bass if I remember correctly) are part of a band called "Dope HEADz".

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Alan Brewer

Tokyo Pop featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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