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Approaching the abbey...
Score Music Composer(s): James Horner

James Horner's score for Name of the Rose is excellent and is perfect in creating the brooding, dark religious atmosphere that permeates nearly every scene of the film.

The following instrumental Score pieces were featured in Name Of The Rose:

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Main TitlesBeata Viscera - Charles BrettFirst RecognitionThe LessonKyrie - Choir Of The Choir School Maria SchutzThe ScriptoriumVeni Sancte Spiritus - Choir Of The Choir School Maria SchutzThe ConfessionFlashbacksThe DiscoveryBetrayedEpilogueEnd Titles
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Score Trivia Oscar winning ("Titanic") composer James Horner who scored Name Of the Rose, also scored many other films including "Aliens", "Krull", "Batteries Not Included", "Glory" and "Brainstorm".

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