Bill Paxton is the only actor to be killed off by an Alien, a Predator and a Terminator in the movies "Aliens", "Predator 2" and "The Terminator".

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The exception that proves the rule that sequels are always inferior...

James "Titanic" Cameron's incredible sequel to the 70's horror sci-fi movie "Alien" is a case study of how to make a relatively low budget movie look like mega bucks. Cameron's movie has the perfect blend of action, suspense, horror and sci-fi and inspired a cult following of fanatical fans.

The idea of an insect-like pure killing machine that secretes acid for blood and attacks without any conscious thought or regret was expanded upon by Cameron to include a confrontation between legions of these creatures and earth's 'finest' military 'grunts'. Cameron used favorite actors Paxton, Biehn and actress Jenette Goldstein to populate the marines, with Biehn once again providing the vunerable but determined 'modern hero'.

When our colony of LV-426 falls mysteriously out of communications contact, marines are dispatched to repel the invading xenomorphs. The incredible suspense in the dimly lit corridors of the colony as both sides stalk the other is contrasted sharply with the excellent characterisations and motives that Cameron, who also wrote, gave the colonial marines.

Filmed extensively in England, Cameron made good use of everyday European items that would not have been familiar to US viewers. The troop carrier vehicle, for instance, was in fact a modified English aircraft tug, originally used for moving planes at London's international airport.

A classic amongst classics, Aliens has a veritable army of quotable one-liners and is jam packed with memorable action. A special edition was released in the mid-90's that contained extra scenes that were not included in the orginal version. A pricelesss piece of Sci-fi culture.


The absolute business. The benchmark by which all other Sci-Fi horror movies were judged and probably will be judged for a long time.

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Strengths: Awesome 'grunts meet aliens' war movie.

Weaknesses? Err.. maybe a bit violent for young children. ;)

Our rating: 9.7 out of 10

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