Aliens Bloopers & Goofs

Aliens Picture
"Get away from her, you BITCH!"
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Sci-Fi movie starring Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Bill Paxton et al.
Contributed by: Sam T
In the scene where the Queen is being sucked through the airlock, Bishop (Henrikson) grabs the girl, Newt, to stop her from being sucked out as well. In this scene you can see Henrikson's real stomach emerging from a hole in the deck under his fake body.
Contributed by: Dougie Rankin
When the Marines first engage the aliens there is an explosion and one of the marines falls down the stair shaft. As he falls you can see one of the crew members feet pop out and back in about a floor down.
Contributed by: Kev
On the ship, just before the team are briefed on the mission, there is a reflection of a marine in a cap in what looks like a water or fuel tank. However, despite everybody in-shot moving, the reflection remains in a very specific and rigid pose pose.

A background painting goof if ever I saw one!
Contributed by: Jared
In the sceen where Ripley and Newt are stuck in a room with two facehuggers, Newt traps one with a table and you can see the operator's hand behind the facehugger manipulating it's finger-like legs.
Contributed by: Dougie Rankin
When Ripley is going in to save Newt and stocking up on weapons, she picks up a Pulse rifle but puts down a flame thrower, and then picks up a flame thrower and puts down a Pulse rifle.