Name Of The Rose Bloopers & Goofs

Name Of The Rose Picture
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1986 Historical movie starring Sean Connery, Christian Slater, Michael Lonsdale et al.
Contributed by: Eric Beyer
In the beginning of the movie, there is a shot of a sunrise. At about threequarters of the movie, you see a sunset made of the sunrise, but backwards...

...The sun doesn't rise and set in the same place...
Contributed by: Sue
I am fairly certain that the fat monk (the one who drowns) was lying as a corpse on a table and I saw him blink. I rewound the film I'd recorded and saw it again so I am surprised if no-one else has spotted it.
Contributed by: anna
The mysterious letter had portions written using lemon juice, but in the middle of winter back in the day, who brought lemons to the library?
Name Of The Rose