BMX Bandits Soundtrack

BMX Bandits Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

BMX Bandits featured the following songs:

The Papers
Petra Gaffney
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The music in this film is not listed in the credits and is nothing to write home about.

Although the track used for the end credits appears to be written especially for the film, the song (BMX by The Papers) wasn't made for the film. It was released a year before in 1982 on Abstract Records. I recently got a 7" copy from Oz. Writted and Produced by Chris Eggleton & John Nash

I also found an Original 7" Release for the film in 1983 with the song now called "BMX Bandits by The Papers" and the B side has the other song by "Petra Gaffney - Boys" this has full colour cover artwork from the movie. [Thanks to Chris Bodicoat]Update Us

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A Scottish pop group of the late '80s and early '90s took the name BMX Bandits in homage to this movie. They were an offshoot of the better-known band Teenage Fanclub and their best-known song was "Serious Drugs."

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Colin Stead, Frank Strangio


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