BMX Bandits

A few years before the great film "RAD" the Australians were first with a BMX movie, BMX Bandits.

When P.J. and Goose (no their parents weren't weird, it's BMX talk) accidentally crash into a line of shopping trolleys that Judy (played by a young Nicole Kidman) is supposed to be taking care of but Fat Kid pushes them across the supermarket's carpark to annoy Judy, their bikes are totalled and Judy is sacked.

Taking refuge in a nearby café the three discuss what they can do with their now spare time, the boys have no wheels and Judy no more job. P.J. hits on the idea of fishing so they borrow a boat and go off looking for fish, but they find a little more than they bargained for at one spot, a sunken big orange package that contains a heap of illegal police band walkie talkies imported by the bad guys.

The bad guys are bank robbers and they were going to use the walkie talkies to snoop on the police so they wouldn't get caught on the job, only they're furious when they find out the kids took the walkie talkies to sell & pay for shiny new BMX bikes & gear.

So two of the goons set out to retreive the walkie talkies by any means necessary...


Three words spring to mind after watching this a few times, "Live Action Cartoon", and there's no escaping from that idea because the characters are straight out of a Scooby-Doo style cartoon; three kids on expensive BMX's get chased halfway across the suburbs of Australia by a couple of incompetant goons working for a boss in the bank robbing trade, and every mishap during the chase you could think of in a cartoon is right here in the film; said goons driving a big black car crash into/through anything and everything in their way to get the kids, even when on foot they're stumbling over things and crashing through things.

Escaping from the goons the kids manage to go through a shopping mall, an industrial workplace, an empty warehouse, a waterslide park (no really!) and half the housing estates round the coast of Australia. Oh not forgetting the police who are as useful as a chocolate teapot and a spoilt rich fat kid who wants in on the action (the character has no name listed in the credits, just "Fat Kid").

This film is brill! so long as you don't take one ounce of it with any seriousness because it's full of great stunts, long chase scenes, a list of movie clichés as long as your arm, terrible one-liners & bad acting. Yet still it was one of those films that you wish would happen to you and your mates for real when you were younger, but really it just inspired me and probably many others to get into BMXing or ride ours even more.

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Strengths: Live Action Cartoon

Weaknesses? Only for those who like cheese or a trip down nostalgia avenue

Our rating: 8.5 out of 10

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BMX Bandits