The Best Little Wh*rehouse In Texas Soundtrack

The Best Little Wh*rehouse In Texas Soundtrack


Vocal Song Tracks

The Best Little Wh*rehouse In Texas featured the following songs:

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Fabulous, fabulous sountrack. As far as musicals go, this soundtrack is in the same league as "Grease" and "Little Shop Of Horrors". I'm not a big country music fan per say, but this music isn't exactly country. It's more like broadway-goes-country. The whoel country-western thing was big in the early 80's,even in California. Who could foregt the hit show "Dallas"? "I Will Always Love You" is a classic song and the whole c.d is awesome.

The soundtrack for the film has been released on CD, Cassette, and LP. With a melodic score that compliments the musical numbers, it's a shame that the orchestral score was omitted from the soundtrack album. Retaining 7 of the songs from the stage version, which were written by Carol Hall, each was given a splashy film treatment with full orchestrations and chorus arrangements.

Also featured were three original songs written by Dolly Parton (though the third, "Where Stallions Run," was omitted from the soundtrack album and most prints of the film). Dolly Parton actually wrote and filmed a fourth song for the film. The song was entitled "A Gamble Either Way". It was eventually cut from the film, but made its debut on Dolly's "Burlap and Satin" album. [Thanks to Bill Pavao]

There are several inconsistancies with vocals and verses between the film and the soundtrack album -- verses from "The Aggie Song" and "A Lil' Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place" appear on the soundtrack though they were deleted from the film. During the song "Hard Candy Christmas," Dolly takes over all the vocal parts on the soundtrack album that the prostitutes sang in the film. I would highly recommend the soundtrack to anyone who likes the film or Parton.Update Us

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The ZZ Top song, "La Grange", was written about the Chicken Ranch and it's exploits and is the name of the small central Texas town outside of which the ranch sat.
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Burt Reynolds' ballad "Where Stallions Run" was omitted from many prints of the film. The song has only surfaced in television prints of the movie, and was left off of the soundtrack completely. Written by Dolly Parton, the song has had two other incarnations which she performed. The first, "God Won't Get You" (which appears briefly in the film "Rhinestone") has different words, but the same music. Parton's other version of the song, "A Cowboy's Ways," features nearly identical lyrics and appeared on her album "Burlap and Satin."
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Dolly Parton's song "I Will Always Love You" became a hit for the second time. The song, which she wrote for her singing partner Porter Wagoner, appeared on her 1974 album "Jolene." This was the first time an artist had ever made a hit of the same song twice. The song gained even greater notoriety when Whitney Houston recorded it for the soundtrack of "The Bodyguard."
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Both "A Lil' Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place" and "The Aggie Song" have extra verses which appear on the soundtrack which were ultimately omitted from the film. There has been debate over whether or not these scenes ever appeared in any theatrical or television prints of the movie.
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In the opening song, "Twenty Fans," the last line was changed after the original release. In the theatrical version (as on the soundtrack), the last lines that you hear are "I'm comin', I'm comin'! I want to thank you -- I want to thank you, Jesus." In later prints of the film, it was changed to a chorus repeating "Hallelujah" several times.

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Instrumental Score

Primary Composer(s): Patrick Williams

The Best Little Wh*rehouse In Texas featured the following pieces of instrumental music:

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