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Rewind the locations where they filmed the 1982 Dance / Music movie starring Dolly Parton, Burt Reynolds, Dom Deluise More Cast

Locations Manager(s): Dow Griffith

The Best Little Wh*rehouse In Texas Filming Locations:

The courthouse in the movie and alot of the movie was filmed right here in Hallettsville, TX. We are 30 min south of La Grange. You can view the movie and see pics of downtown and see alot of the movie was shot here. Plus go by any of the downtown stores and you will find the old posters of the movie with some of the locas that played parts. [Thanks to Kelly]

The exterior of the Chicken Ranch was erected on the Universal lot where the original Bates house (from the 1960 Alfred Hitchock film Psycho) once stood. The Bates house was relocated when production began on Psycho II, leaving the vacant lot a prime location for the Chicken Ranch.

The scenes at the chicken ranch were filmed at the Pfluger farm in Pflugerville, Texas. It's located on Pfennig Lane. [Thanks to Lynn]

The courthouse scene was filmed in Belleville, TX. [Thanks to Dani Krejci]

The real Chicken Ranch was officially closed down on August 1, 1973. The house was located in LaGrange, Texas. In 1977, two Houston lawyers bought the house and relocated part of it to Dallas, where it became a chicken-themed restuarant, still called The Chicken Ranch. They retained the original furnishings and even recruited Miss Edna to serve as the hostess! The restuaraunt closed down in January of 1978, and the house/furnishings were auctioned off that June. [Thanks to Jon Acello]

My family moved to Texas from Germany in the great German Texas immigration and settled on land in Cele, Texas, part of the Richland community in the Texas Hill Country. This area is east of Austin betweeen Manor and Pflugerville is known by most old time locals, but not many others. For the sake of our purposes, we'll just call the area Pflugerville. As a child, my great Aunt took me and some of my family by the old house in the early 80's, and I've driven by it numerous times since. It's a quaint, beautiful old house about a half mile off the road about a mile from my family's church, the Richland Church known as St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church. My aunt told us about the filming, much of which I've long forgotten. However, I do remember her mentioning that after filming was finished, both Dolly Parton and Burton Reynold's apparently tried to buy the house and surrounding land from the current owners. The owners would not sell.

Where in the World is the Best Little House:

The house is located on Cameron Road and owned by the W. M. Murchison family. (I have no idea if this is the original family who owned the house during the filming, but my guess is that they are.) It is still painted white and the architechure remains, from what can be seen from the road, exact and intact since it's filming days. There is no real address, since these are old country families, homes, and roads. The white pages lists the Murchison's address as simply Cameron Road, Pflugerville, Texas. Here are Directions:

From Pflugerville:

Take I-35 North to Pflugerville, take the Pflugerville/FM-1825 exit.

FM-1825 (FM = Farm to Market Road) turns into Pecan Street. Take Pecan straight into Pflugerville, through "downtown", and past FM-685.

Continue straight through the country side until you come to a curved fork in the road. Take the left fork.

Continue straight down Cameron. Right before the big S curve, the Best Little House is on your right. It's on a slight hill about a 1/2 mile off the road. There is a big sign announcing the Murchison farm.

From Manor:

From 290 East in Manor, take a left onto Gregg Manor Road at the ONLY light in Manor, Texas.

Turn right onto Fuchs Grove Road (pronouced Fox). Continue down Fuchs Grove until you reach a stop sign.

At the Y turn, take a Left. You are on Cameron, although there won't be many signs telling you this.

Continue straight down Cameron. Right after the big S curve, the Best Little House is on your left. It's on a slight hill about a 1/2 mile off the road. There is a big sign announcing the Murchison farm.

There are not a lot of signs on the old country roads, so a good map is advised. Cameron makes a funny Z across this part of the hill country, so a map would help you make sure you are on the correct part of Cameron.

Additional Scenes:

Cameron Road/Fuchs Grove Intersection to Cameron Rd/Cele Rd Intersection: (Pronounced Fox Grove)

This stretch of Cameron will take you past the St John's Church to Cele and the Steger Lane area. Filming took place on this part of Cameron by Cele and Steger Lane (Steger is my maiden name by the way), and in front of the St. John's church. Most noteably, the scenes where Burt Reynolds is traveling fast in his car to/from the Chicken House in the beginning of the movie were shot on this stretch of road. Although much of the country side has changed over the years, the road and fields are pretty much the same and are recognizable from the movie. [Thanks to Marissa Steger-Eddings]

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