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Fright Night Behind The Scenes

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Peter Vincent --The great vampire killer!
Go behind the scenes and learn what went on during the making of the 1985 Horror / Occult movie starring Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse et al.
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Peter Vincent's name is a tribute to Peter Cushing and Vincent Price, the two people that he partly used as inspiration for the character! "There were a couple of very bad actors," he says, "whom I absolutely adored as a child, and whose names today's audience probably wouldn't know. They were very bad actors from another time, and Peter Vincent is like them. He's full of sounds, but no content."
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Chris Sarandon was born on July 24th 1942 in Beckley, West Virginia. His debut was in "Dog Day Afternoon" in 1975, for which he received an Oscar(tm) nomination for best supporting actor. He has most recently been seen in the TV series "Felicity". He had to endure marathon makeup sessions for Fright Night. He recalls: "I was stuck in make-up so goddamned much of the time," he sighs. "I had two weeks of eight-hour make-up calls, everyday. I'd go in at four in the morning and the make-up people would have to be in at three something. They'd start on me at four and I'd go to work at noon or one. Quite a remarkable experience. You either learn how to hypnotize yourself and meditate, or you become stark-raving mad. "I tried to do the former," he laughs.
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A considerable part of Fright Night's relatively modest $9.5 million budget went on special effects from Richard Edlund's Boss Film Corporation. Extensive prosthetics were used for the vampires with Boss providing a selection of superb puppets and optical effects.
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For "Evil Ed's" transformation, a full size wolf puppet was made. Despite the amazing realism of the wolf attack, no real animals were harmed! Incidentally, the swinging chandelier was vital in creating an unstable light source which helped the effects team in fooling the viewer.
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Production of the film started on December 3rd 1984 at Laird International Studios, where production designer John De Cuir, Jr, created the interiors and exteriors of the Brewster and Dandridge houses. Duplicates were also constructed at the Disney Studio due to the space needed for crane shots.
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In the scene when Amy (Amanda Bearse) and Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys) go to Peter Vincent's apartment for help, you can see a white face mask on the wall (This is a life cast of Roddy Mcdowall's face) which was made/used for the make-up on the film "Planet of the Apes". I read this in a magazine article many years ago.
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