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Jerry was never a morning person!
See the goofs, blunders and plain ole mistakes in the 1985 Horror / Occult movie starring Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse et al.
Contributed by: Matt Critchlow
When the vampire bat is attacking Peter Vincent, it scratches his face leaving a bloody mark. A second later the scratch is gone.
Contributed by: Kyle
In the scene after Evil Ed's wolf persona hits the chandelier, you can see the wires on the puppet as its writhing under the stairs when Peter Vincent comes down to see it.
Contributed by: pork pie mcfly
When Charlie and Amy are chased into the night club, Amy sees Jerry walking across the dance floor. When Jerry walks behind the coloured guy on the dance floor you can see his reflection in the mirror.
Contributed by: pork pie mcfly
When Peter Vincent stakes the wolf Evil Ed, you see him crawl under the stairs to tranform back and if you look closely you can see his left arm tucked behind his back.
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
When Charlie & Amy are at the diner and amy puts the sloppy joe in Charlie's face, at first the tomato falls off his face... Then its back on... Then its off again in the next shot!
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
When Jerry comes into Charlie's bedroom to kill him, Jerry slams Charlie into the wall cracking the wall. Then, when Jerry moves Charlie to the other side of the window to open it, you can clearly see the cracks on the wall from the other side of the window.
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
When Jerry's ghoul picks up Peter Vincent to throw him, it is clearly a dummy as the legs bend the wrong way.
Contributed by: WRAITH 81
At the very end of the movie, when Jerry gets blasted with sunlight and gets thrown back into the brick wall... Firstly, the wall flexes and breaks... And, secondly, when he dissappears into a ball of flames the wall is not damaged.
Contributed by: frankie smales 0
During the fight scene, Jerry Dandridge flies through the glass window about 3 times.

Luke Daniel adds: "The 3 shots are typical of 80's films (and even beyond). It really is a more dramatic way to capture a sudden and shocking event. This was most typical of explosions that were captured from several camera angles for maximum impact to the viewing audience... And who doesn't want to see that awesome scene of Jerry 3 times? In this case it was the action from alternate camera angles to give more emphasis on the action."
Contributed by: frankie smales 0
There were no tears on Charlie Brewster's clothing after being tossed by Jerry in to the closet in Charlie's bedroom.
Contributed by: frankie smales 0
During the confrontation scene in Charlie Brewster's bedroom, Jerry takes a pause during interrogating Charlie. You can see a slight mimmicing from Jerry's mouth before he continues speaking and throws Charlie in to the closet.
Contributed by: HorrorChick1981
When Charlie stabs the pencil through Jerry's hand, it would clearly have stabbed into his own neck...
Contributed by: ebony moss
While evil is chasing Peter Vincent in the hallway of Charlies house after he turns into a animal, if you look closely the animal changes in almost every shot.
Contributed by: chris wolcott
In the scene when Amy and Evil Ed visit Peter Vincent if you look in the mirror you can see a man standing off the movie set next to a ladder and some boxes.
Contributed by: Alan
Jerry Dandridge attacks Charlie in his bedroom to kill him.

Just before opening the window to push Charlie out, Charlie's face is in agony as Jerry chokes him.

Then as Jerry opens the window, Charlie's face is suddenly relaxed and he moves his head slightly to watch Jerry open the window while Jerry supposedly still is choking him. Then he is in agony again.
Contributed by: Paul
As the Vampire bat flies towards Peter Vincent, you can see the string that holds up the bat!
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